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So, I recently began living with my brother who has a PS3 and his own account and we figured instead of having two systems, we would just consolidate onto one. Is there any way to sign into our own accounts when playing games in order for us both to receive trophies? I couldn't see a way to do so but I also primarily play PC and Xbox 360. Any help would be awesome!

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Go to the far left of the XMB, think its called profiles. You can create and switch between log ins there.

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@pessh: I got that, but I couldn't figure out how to have us both logged in at the same time (the way Xbox 360 works where the profile is assigned to a controller basically).

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@cbarnes86: Oh right, I think that's on a per game basis. If I remember correctly Littlebigplanet just asks you to select a profile when the second user joins, not sure how it works for other titles.

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I'm almost certain that it depends on the title. Some let both of you sign in, some only have guests for multiplayer. The 360 is the same way but most games let both people sign into their accounts.

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I'm pretty sure you can't have two PSN accounts active at the same time. You would have a profile and your brother would have a profile, but only one PSN account can be linked to each.

So if you were logged on and playing, your brother wouldn't get trophies for his account (unless you are playing local multiplayer). He would also not have access to your saves on his profile and vice versa. Its like a PC in this way. However, unlike a PC you can't have a communal folder.

What I would recommend is that the PS3 have 3 profiles, one for each of you and a newly created third that has both your stuff. That's what I did with some roommates. Those games, saves, trophies, got lost when we went out separate ways but we had a good time playing them at the time.

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