broken ps4's were sabotaged this whole time?

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#1 Posted by smcauley600 (11 posts) - as a response to over working in a sweatshop like environment the infamous broken ps4's were sabotaged in protest this is only rumor but if it was true do they have a right to do that?.

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Do they have a right to do that? I wouldn't say a "right" but I don't think that this is a bad thing either. The people there are getting exploited to the max and it doesn't wonder me, that some people sabotage things in order to give the company a wipe. Big companies (not only Sony) should rethink their way of production then things like this wouldn't happen but for now there aren't enough sabotaged PS4s out there for Sony to do exactly that.

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I think this has been locked several times.

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There was a duplicate topic about this yesterday that I closed, and I'm going to close this one too. Here is my response from last night's thread...please do a little research before you post (or buy into) stories like this.

After doing a little of my own due diligence on this "story", I am closing this topic.

The story linked at the site "" is written by an "aspiring journalist" - essentially a nobody, who himself linked to a thread on IGN as his only source which was closed because it also stated the same intern sabotage story with zero corroborating evidence.

There is absolutely nothing to back this nonsense up. If something legitimate does surface, we'll go from there.

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