Can't sync PS4 with the phone app

#1 Posted by killer_meatballs (460 posts) -

Anyone else having a problem syncing their PS4 and phone? I go to "Add Device" under the Playstation App on the PS4 and the code comes up on screen to enter on my phone.

But on my phone its say "PS4 not found"

I am logged into PSN on my phone.

I tried shutting off my phone, resetting it, but nothing. I have an iPhone 5.

#2 Posted by Spoonman671 (4371 posts) -

I had the same problem when I tried it. I imagine it will get ironed out eventually.

#3 Posted by Aetheldod (3330 posts) -

I dunno about this but could the bluetooth be disabled? (I dont know if the PS4 has this anyway , just throwing some ideas around)

#4 Posted by knifeoframbo (38 posts) -

I can't get it to connect on android, looks like a wonky app in true Sony fashion

#5 Posted by killer_meatballs (460 posts) -

@aetheldod I was thinking the same thing. I turned on bluetooth on my phone just for the heck of it, but still didn't work.

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#7 Posted by flippyandnod (344 posts) -

I had this trouble once. Next time it worked for me. After I got it synched, it works fine, although it's a bit of a weird app.

#8 Posted by kaos_cracker (538 posts) -

Did you follow the instructions it gave? I had no problem.

#9 Posted by Kidavenger (3378 posts) -

I've connected my tablet, phone and vita no issues.

Try turning off your mobile data to make sure the phone is using wifi when you try to connect.

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I fixed mine by disabling wireless isolation in the router. It may have been network isolation. Either when that was disabled it worked likea champ.

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