Digital Dynamic Pricing?

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Obviously there hasn't been any digital sales yet for PS4 games outside of minor pricecuts for some indie games via PS+, though I feel it's about time for some sales. For example - I'd love to get Black Flag, but not at full price. I'm just not that into Assassin's Creed. I feel like that game is about ripe for its first flash sale kind of deal, or something.

Dynamic pricing is a thing, and I expect it to come PS4 shortly. Let's say around March, when the second wave of games is about to come out. What say you? Do you also expect digital sales to commence shortly? Or are digital sales still ways off?

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My guess? It depends.

While you could almost guarantee a price cut for physical versions if they did not sell as expected, digital versions last gen (PS3/360) seemed to hold their price longer. I am not sure if that had to do with Sony/MS trying to recoup the investment in the digital download infrastructure; or possibly, they did not want to undercut retail partners. In case of the former, I would think that discounts would be offered as costs decrease over time. The latter is a bit more tricky.

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I'd be giving Sony and MS SOOOO much more money if they were keeping digital prices in line with physical. I just don't want physical media anymore, so I buy digital only.

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Sony has been pretty good about sales over the last year or so on the PS3 and Vita. The PS4 is still so new and has such little content right now that it's hard to imagine a sale anytime soon. That said, it will definitely happen.

Also, now that Amazon has a storefront for digital PSN purchases we can definitely expect sales through them. They currently have Doki Doki Universe for $9.99.

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