Ps4 audio issue

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This is my first time posting here, so forgive me for the complicated way I may ask this. I currently have my Xbox 360 hooked up to my hd monitor and get the video through an hdmi to dvi-d cable. This works beautifully, but doesn't allow audio. For audio I take the convention Xbox 360 av cables (red, white, and yellow), and plug those into the stereo speakers I have. It works fine, but won't when the ps4, which is hdmi only, arrives at my home. I would have the video, but need a way to receive audio as well.

Any solutions would be great

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A DAC (digital-analog converter):

You'll also need an optical cable to run from the PS4 to the converter:

I believe Turtle Beach also makes one.

Those options are low-end, but they'll work. Let me know if you'd like some higher-end options.

Edit: I looked on Amazon for you really quick, FiiO is a quality name for consumer audio, and it includes all the cables, too.

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