PS4 streaming questions: zoomed-in camera and USB mics.

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So I only just started getting into the streaming scene for PS4 last night with some friends, and it's super cool, but here's the two issues I've been running into:

1) The camera is always zoomed in on the center of the screen when we're streaming. That made sense in my second stream after my friends left and I was playing Outlast, but in the first stream, we were all playing Towerfall together but the camera was automatically so zoomed in you could only see me, despite the fact that there were four other people in the room in view.

Is that adjustable? Is there a way to get the wide-angle view?

2) I have Yeti USB mic and I'd love to use it instead of the PS Camera to record the audio. It's cool that it works automatically when I plug it in, but then the game audio would also automatically start feeding through the headphone jack on the mic instead of through the TV. Again, makes sense for streaming like, Outlast by myself or something and it makes sense to have headphones on, but not in a group dynamic. I'd just use an auxilary cable to feed the game audio back into my sound bar or something, but it also plays the audio the mic is picking up, so you'd just get an echo.

So can I use my Yeti mic without the PS4 automatically feeding the game audio into it even when there's no headphones connected to it?

Thanks duders.

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From my experience with a USB mixer, you can choose to have all audio, voice-chat audio (including ones own input) or no audio to be fed to it. Watched plenty of people with similar setups of external mics not suffer from echos, though maybe they use less powerful speakers at a lower volume.

My personal setup:
PS4 Toslink output > Toslink-RCA conversion > Mixer
Microphone setup split > USB mixer > PS4 USB
PS4 USB output of voice > USB mixer > Mixer
Mixer with or without turning up the channel with PS4 USB output of voice chat > Speakers

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