Sony putting online pay behind a pay wall good or bad idea?

Posted by kindlydelete (50 posts) 2 years, 5 months ago

Poll: Sony putting online pay behind a pay wall good or bad idea? (77 votes)

If it makes it better do it. 23%
Sony gone messed up 58%
OMG I don't care 18%

Eurogamer picked up a report that Sony will put online play behind a pay wall.

#1 Posted by Optix12 (648 posts) -

Good question but I think where Sony is currently at they need to to make some extra money, assuming the console is actually a decent price.

#2 Posted by killacam (1321 posts) -

if they continue what they're currently doing with ps+ but locking online functionality behind it then hey, great. but I doubt that will be the case.

#3 Posted by Dauthi693 (131 posts) -

Never have i heard so many features of new consoles i hate. Blocking used games, persistent internet connection needed, online behind paywalls. Makes you wonder what isn't revealed/leaked as they never annouced that things like online passes were supported this generation.

#4 Edited by Donkeycow (568 posts) -

I could really care less. So long as they provide a service of equal quality with microsoft I think it's fine.

#5 Posted by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -

Persistent internet connection is going to be in every game a few years from now. The MMO path of DRM looks to make life a bit worse for pirates at the cost of some convenience for legitimate owners. When you constantly have to communicate with a server, perhaps some files are accessed from the server entirely, and your save games aren't stored locally will make it more complicated to crack. Like some guys said on here a while ago, if they can buy themselves a week or two, it'll do wonders for the number of sales.

#6 Posted by believer258 (13047 posts) -

I already refuse to pay for Xbox Live, the same policy will be applied to PSN if they put multiplayer behind a pay wall. Especially since, for me, "multiplayer" is only the major component of two games in existence: Battlefield 3 and the variations of Counter Strike. For everything else, multiplayer is a side thing that you play around with after beating the campaign.

So, for me, it's a terrible idea. For Sony? It all depends on how many people they can sucker into paying for it. This is quite a gamble, though. If a decent number of people decide to pay for it, but not enough people pay for it, then they may have to remove it, which will piss off the people that did pay for it in the first place no matter their compensation. And afterwards, people may have already just moved on to the Xbox or maybe even taken the dive into PC gaming.

#7 Posted by Benny (2010 posts) -

They should just expand on PS+ because right now its really cool. IMO it would be a fantastic place to push games with a similar business models to DotA and TF2.

#8 Posted by devilzrule27 (1242 posts) -

I hope not but if they do, oh well. I'll probably just stop playing games online on it much like I did with the 360. Maybe I'll switch to PC gaming...

Hey EA make NHL 14 for the PC so I don't have to deal with this shit. Thanks.

#9 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1984 posts) -

The article doesn't really specify that online play will be behind a paywall; I'm under the impression that stuff like cross-game chat will be premium features. I think Sony is aware that offering online multiplayer for free is an advantage they have, and they are even more aware that locking that away would not go over well.

#11 Posted by Winternet (8265 posts) -

They kinda have to do it, by this point.

#12 Edited by MachoFantastico (5653 posts) -

It was inevitable and I don't blame Sony, hell they can't do much worse than Microsoft where Gold is an absolute rip-off. Even if they continue to build this new service from the ground works of Playstation Plus they'll be offering a better service unless Microsoft get their act together.

#13 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5038 posts) -

I wouldn't be surprised if they did cuz then MS no longer has to change. Also I'll probably be done with consoles because after canceling my Gold recently I'm sure that I'm done with paying anyone to play online.

#14 Edited by Gaff (2210 posts) -

Fixed: Eurogamer picked up a Kotaku article that refers to a "reliable" source somewhere that made some claims that may or may not turn out true.

And as for the paywall: Sony is in a unique position to force Microsoft to go for feature parity. Following the XBL model might be a profitable decision, but giving the impression that they're playing catch-up / aping the competition is going do nothing for them to distinguish themselves.

#15 Posted by charlie_victor_bravo (1240 posts) -

Free online gaming was one of the few things Sony did right with current gen. I would not be super bummed if it is combined with PSN+ perks that we get now. If it is "pay for online pay" -only, screw that, I got PC.

#16 Edited by Vigorousjammer (2857 posts) -

Being mostly a PC gamer at this point, I hope they don't charge for it, and they keep it free... which really would put stress on Microsoft to go free as well, and then we've got everybody with free online!

#17 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

It would be funny if Sony starts charging and MS stops. Switcheroo.

#18 Edited by aquamarin (670 posts) -

I think it makes sense for Sony to charge for online since Microsoft would be foolish getting rid of it, since everyone in the console market basically expects to pay for it these days, but I expect there to be value adds to it from today's proceedings (some new hooks along the lines of Playstation+ or whatever the Gaikai aquisition was about).

Edit: or maybe you don't bring up the "you gotta pay for this" aspect of it til a later event.

#19 Posted by Kidavenger (3944 posts) -

Console multiplayer will never be as good as PC multiplayer, so I'll never pay for it.

I don't play console multiplayer as it is so I guess I don't care much, it did kind of piss me off with ME3 though.

#20 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5508 posts) -

If they don't stick with the free online, they done fucked up. I think it's a massive step backwards regardless of how good it is. Consoles need less barrier to entry. Not more.

#21 Edited by MentalDisruption (1846 posts) -

The free online was one of the big selling points of the ps3 to me. Although, I never really play console multiplayer anymore, so I guess it doesn't really matter to me.

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