So what's your favorite character?

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I've been in the beta for a few days now, and it's been a fairly slow process of learning the six characters and which one is for me. After a while, I've concluded that Sweet Tooth is my guy. Weird, I know, because I've seen uproar that he's the least favorite of the bunch for a lot of outlets, but his move list just clicks with me. My least favorite would be Sly Cooper. What about you guys?

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A rapping dog?

#3 Posted by kindpixel (2864 posts) -

I played a little bit of it at a local LAN "club," and found that (to my surprise) I enjoyed Sly the most. I don't really know why, but his move-set used muscle memory I didn't know I had.

#4 Posted by AngelN7 (2974 posts) -

Radec is cool because he just shoots people but Parappa is probably my favorite and I'm pretty sure one of those moves where he drops a boombox totally has that Public Enemy remix track Bring The Noise 20XX.

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I enjoy using Sly the most. I love using his invisibility. Get hit in the air, turn invisible, then land and sneak up behind someone and attack them. It's chaotic enough that you can sneak up behind another opponent and attack them.

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