Just got a Move wand. What games best are just "fun" to play?

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I've had the playstation eye for a long time. I bought eye of judgement used at gamestop for dirt cheap and they gave me the camera, never used it to be honest. So when the announced the Move I was excited that I could just get a controller and use it, until the price was anounced.

Anyway I have a move controller (wand) now. And the camera, nothing else. I have a DS3 of course and a six axis that is a lot lighter so may be better used as the nav controller.

As of now Tiger Woods 12 has been pretty fun, I cant tell if its acurate since all I do golf related is, buy driver, go to cheap range in Anaheim and whack balls as hard as I can wearing baseball batting gloves from high school. But I do consistently slice the ball in the game, IRL I'm all over the place. MLB 11 is pretty fun in homerun derby, but feels like wii sports, swing...homerun. Just timing.

I've seen a lot of threads asking about this around the web, but most tend to say games like Sports Champions and reason it is a game to get because of how well the move is utilized. Well I dont want a tech demo, I want something fun to play, thats it. I see and feel the potential, just haven't played anything that's lived up to that seen potential.

I may pick up heavy rain again and try that out, people tend to be high on HR post patch with the move. I am also thinking of buying Tumble, looks like a fun puzzle game. Does it have pass and play, I only have one wand and dont plan to get another.

Ahah, just found out high velocity bowling has move support now. Gonna redownload this and try it out.

edit: sorry for the atrocious grammer in the title, thats what I get for changing it twice.

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