Recent PSN Intrusion - How do you feel about it?

#1 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

I'm not too happy with the reports citing personal information and details may have been compromised due to this attack. Call me naive, but when I put my personal info into a system run by a major corporation like Sony, I expect it to be handled appropriately, and in a safe and encrypted manner. It's pretty worrying to think that all of this info may have been compromised for the millions of PSN subscribers. All in all, I know the hackers actions aren't Sony's actions, but are obviously a direct retaliation to Sony's handling of the Hotz case, the removal of the other OS feature and it's stance on being an "unhackable" system. Like it or not, Sony has become a target and that alone is moving me back towards Microsoft, and away from the console with the massive bullseye painted on it.

How do you guys feel about this exploit and Sony's handling of your information and as a result, the handling of this huge predicament they've found themselves in?

#2 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

At the end of the day, unlike the 360, the PS3 has an amazing lineup of games this year and even the possibility of identity theft won't detract me from enjoying them.

#3 Posted by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

That's the kicker for me also. PS3 has great exclusives. The only reason why I purchased one. I buy all of the multi console games for the Xbox.

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