Wild 9 HD, please!

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 Earthworm Jim HD's been out for the Xbox live marketplace and from previews, it looks amazing. Updated graphics and ratified controls make this version of Earthworm Jim one to get a hold of. Hopefully however, more of Shiny Entertainments back catalog will get a HD upgrade because most of their games were awesome. Some examples are MDK, Messiah, where a baby angel possesses humans under gods orders. Never really saw it, but in preview it said the baby could possess people and make them commit suicide, which was crazy seeing it in a magazine. But my all time favorite game is Wild 9.  

 Games best feature!
 Games best feature!
        Before I had even heard of Bionic Commando and not really putting this and Earthworm Jim together, Wild 9 had everything I wanted out of my PS1. Awesome story about a ragtag group of space travelers with dysfunctions which actually made them useful get separated and must be regrouped by their fearless...strike that, clumsy and zany leader. Multiple planets with different gameplay. My favorite parts where the freefall levels where you can actually grab an enemy and slam through barriers. Awesome characters like an extremely allergic character that explodes every time he sneezes. A Midget with a million pockets that hold everything for any situation, but never seems to pull out the right thing. And a hot alien chick that has hair that will EAT anything, but freezes if she's in the dark. There's more characters but the instruction manual does a better job of painting their persona's. 
         The reason I made the Bionic Commando reference is for my all time favorite gameplay feature and gadget, The Rig! The whole game is based on torturing enemies and swinging with your electric whip. The whip can swing the character onto levels and grab enemy rockets and throw them back. But the reason it comes in handy is because of the inventive and cruel ways to kill or use enemies. The rig can grab enemies and drown them in water or stick them on spikes to create stepping stones. Most of the time its just fun to slam them on the ground like in the cartoons or stick them in a grinder, but some levels actually require you stick a couple enemies in a fan to gunk up the machine so you can pass.
      This is a great game that should be remastered, and just like Earthworm Jim, it's freaking hilarious. Maybe I'm hoping it will come to HD, but I really do hope that it will come out as a Playstation network game so people can play it. And because I lost my copy.
 Loading screens can only capture so much humour.
 Loading screens can only capture so much humour.
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Yeah, Wild 9 had a crazy amount of interesting ideas executed pretty well. I still remember thrashing guys back and forth with the link thing. Good times.

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