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Right now I have Gods Eater Burst siting in the shrink wrap and I am deciding if I should open it or not. I cannot remember why I picked it up, people are comparing it to MHF and I did not like that game too much. 
I was thinking about picking up KH:BS but for some reason every time I pick up the box to look at it, something lets me to walk away. I have played the first two and liked it. 
Then there is Dissidia not sure what to make of this, it is worth picking up? 
is there any other psp game worth picking up right now? I have GOW (both of them), MGS (everyone which came out for the psp, even two japanese version =D), no heores allowed, SF3 alpha max, Blaze Blu, Angry bird. I think that is pretty much everything I play or played.

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KH:BBS is void right now and you're better off getting BBS:FM as it has more value and it'll be your first time playing.  MGS is really good, all of them.  Be it AC!D and the two cannon games.  

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The 3rd Birthday.

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NA box art
Imo one of the best games released so far this year, even if it is a remake.
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It's the best MGS game since 3
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Already got MGS I have almost all of them =D, I was looking at 3rd birthday but not sure. So Gods eater is a no go? I should return it? 
TO:LUCT sounds really strange lol
EDIT: TO is a turn based game, hmm not really a big fan of that.

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I can't stand isometric view turn based games but I got addicted to Jeanne D'Arc and Tactics Ogre looks like a similar game. Stay the heck away from that if you want to retain anything remotely resembling a life.

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