Worth picking up now?

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Since it's inception, the PSP was one of those things that I paid attention too but really never thought much about purchasing.

However, now that the price has been reduced for a bit...I'm starting to wonder if it'd be worth picking one up.  The psp Socoms and Syphon Filters are what have kept me the most interested in.  However, I'm not sure if the initial $130 is really worth the investment for a few games here and there.

Thoughts?  Are those of you that purchases one happy with your purchase or does it just sit on the shelf when you could simply play a console instead?

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its pretty dead as far as current releases go but there are some great exclusives like peace walker and valkyria chronicles

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The system is dead, so it's on you if you really want a few PSP specific games. NGP won't use UMDs though, so unless you want to buy a digital copy, whatever game you get will only be good on a PSP (obviously)

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Thanks for the input guys.  I apologize for the double topic.  Not quite sure how that happened.

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I'd say not in the slightest. It would probably be one of those things you buy after its official death, when the NGP comes out,  and when the system becomes dirt cheap. The handful of great games that the system has to offer probably isn't worth the cost of buying the system to play them on, plus the cost of the games. Maybe someday they'll all be available as PS3/PS4 downloads.

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@GetWhatYagive: Let me play devil´s advocate here for a second. If the reason you didn't buy a PSP was money, chances are the NGP won't be cheap. And sure, in the west the PSP is pretty much dead in the water, but the back catalog is pretty amazing, especially if you like JRPGs and tactical RPGs. There are quite a few great action games in there, too. 

If you just want to jump into a portable and you're willing to put some cash into it, sure, wait and see what the NGP has to offer later this year or consider a 3DS. For a cheap, quick fix, a used PSP 3K is a very valid choice, especially if you want something a bit more visually advanced and mature than what the DS typically does.
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This duplicated thread is way more negative than the other one.

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I'm still not sure how it got duplicated.  I thought there was only 1 topic for the first few minutes at least.

Thanks for your insight Noel.  The back catalog is what has me interested in the PSP.  Most of the games I was curious about seem to be coming down in price and there are quite a few that look like they warrant a play through.  The NGP and 3DS just don't really do anything for me, for whatever reason.
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Just wait for the NGP. It's backwards compatible with PSP games, or at least the downloadable ones.  

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Never was

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I'd say just get a 3DS. I'm willing to bet it'll have a better software lineup than the NGP, just like the DS had over the PSP.

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I was planning to pick up a new PSP now that the price is so low just so I can play ps1 classics from PSN and not have my eyes stabbed by the jaggies and low rez stuff by playing them on my HD TV.

I have had a psp 1000 since launch and its just kind of busted after 5 years.   but I would say over those 5 years I only naught less then 7 games on UMD and the rest was spent playing old ps1 games.

the psp.   its a awesome ps1 in your pocket.  

but yeah it has good games.  the metal gear games are great and the god of war games are also awesome. and the system is where JRPG's have been living since the ps2.  

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Any JRPG's in particular that you would suggest?  I was a big fan of Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy VII back when I had the original PS1.
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No, I'd wait at least six months after NGP's release, to see prices for the latest models drop significantly. Get a 3000.

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