Trying to remember name of obscure PSOne game

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Whilst reminiscing about Team Buddies (awesome game) I got to thinking about another obscure PSOne 'classic' that I've completely forgotten the name of.

It featured an array of weird character and had at least two modes I remember. The mode I played the most was an arena based brawler where you'd pick your character (space raptor thing was one) and then have a real time battle in a fairly small arena with other characters.

The other mode wrapped up the brawling in a turn based strategy type of game that was played out on a hexagonal board. I 'think' that when you initiated combat it would put you in the arena brawling mode, but I may be wrong. I don't think it was based on any existing franchise.

Does anyone have any idea what this game was called?

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I could be completely wrong but that sounds like Tobal.

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The Unholy War?

When you said space raptor and turn-based strategy, I immediately thought of that game and its cover art. I remember seeing ads for it all the time in PSM.

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gotta reiterate the unholy war thang, played the demo to death.

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Ahaha, some good times had with that strange game.

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I've experienced this phenomena before. Trying to remember an obscure ps1 game from the barest of flashbacks is maddening. In my case it was The Granstream Saga.

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It was maddening. Completely maddening.

Luckily (almost) everyone is totally spot on.It was The Unholy War! The weird part is that that name doesn't ring a bell AT ALL.

Meaning I'd never have found it without your help, thanks duders :)

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I swear someone asked for the name of the same game on these boards about a year ago!

I played the crap out of this game's demo.

@CarpetRemnant said:

The weird part is that that name doesn't ring a bell AT ALL.

That could be because it's such a terrible name!

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Ah I remember that game, good stuff.

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