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Woot 8-4

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Cheapy D? Nice!

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Yippe, I was looking forward to this!

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@ChrisTaran said:

Cheapy D? Nice!

Spoiler alert. ;)

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1E ++ 1E = wifu ... as in IEEE 802.11

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Hiroko is MAI WAIFU!

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I love this show! Thanks for giving me another great podcast to listen at the gym. And CheapyD is on here! Gotta shout out as a CAG fan for a long time.

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NEW 8-4 PLAY :D AWESOME :D Love how GB pimped you guys and now I cant imagine not having ur podcasts on the go :D Keep up the good castings duders!

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Pretty good episode.

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here you go, Internet:

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This Brain Age talk is fantastic.

"I never played a lot of Brain Age" "I can tell". That man deserves a medal for that one.

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cool they got Cheapy D today, more Cheapy D is always good.

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That's cheap, baby!

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come on ride that train that choo chooo train!!!

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hmm was it Ys: The Oath in Felghana, or Ys Origin they said was the great one, can't find that spot in the podcast.

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My library just screened the movie "First Postion" with the director on Wednesday. The discussion after the movie was a lot of fun, and Bess Kargman (director) was a total sweetheart to work with. Tomorrow I will see features ballet stars from the American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet and The Royal Ballet brought together by choreographer Benjamin Millepied (husband of Natalie Portman).


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@Isaiah said:

hmm was it Ys: The Oath in Felghana, or Ys Origin they said was the great one, can't find that spot in the podcast.

think the Oath of Felgana was the one mentioned in the podcast, ironically on sale on Steam for the daily deal.

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8-4 Hype Train!!

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@Isaiah: Felghana, and it's on sale today! http://store.steampowered.com/app/207320/


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good stuff!

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Intro song made my day :-D

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I don't know when this was originally shown to the press, but there has been gameplay footage and scenes shown using their engine for the game. What got me hyped for the game was the Kingdom Hearts type combat.

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Good to have Mark back, great show guys

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I always forget this podcast goes up on Friday so I get a nice surprise every other week.

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You guys should listen to No More Whoppers, it's pretty good.

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I laughed my ass off at the catchphrase Cheapy went with at the end of the podcast. Subscribed.

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Whar page 4 nu podcast? Need 2 maek poop in bathtub comment.

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@Brackynews: diddo.

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@jbrady: Don'choo mean doodoo?

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