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amazing amazing, great job.

love the opening. hilarious.

Posted by Suits

Farming Forest Hunters in Darkroot still works actually

Posted by Suits

Farming Forest Hunters in Darkroot still works actually

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Hmm I kind of agree that Souls games are not really hard... nor do I think they are fair.

Souls games intentionally hide a lot of information, information that you can only understand after you have experienced it, sometimes several times.

The thing, as you note, is that the game is designed for you to fail a lot and learn to experiment through that failure. But the current generation of games has established that failure is only frustration and has no value.

However, there are downfalls to the games, most noticeably in the UI, and the technical aspects. Although those seem unimportant in the complete picture. But there are also situations when the game is too frustrating and feels cheap (such as the infamous anor londo archer knights) or the curse frogs that you mentioned. Those are a minority but they still represent an important obstacle for the legibility games themselves.

Also note that these "unfair" situations have been greatly decreased from Demon's Souls, which although it was an overall easier game, it felt somewhat cheaper less thoughtfully designed.

Great that you guys got around to doing THE TALK.

BTW I always play a mage... I just like it... and in Dark Souls, I feel it made late game very easy.

Posted by arch4non

Play on release day with ugly console limitations or play two months late on PC with superior graphic quality and 60fps? Tough choice.

Posted by eduardo

This was pretty cool to listen to. I actually thought they were gonna finish the speed run while recording. =)

Posted by Tarsier

remember everyone PC version is where its at!! keep your diapers fastened tight!

Posted by SgtReznor

@fitzgerald said:

Yes, except because there's no Epic Name Bro the wait was all for naught. Seriously disappointed that they fucked that up. What was shaping up to be their best podcast yet ended up being the worst. So fucked.

Yeah, I was pretty bummed about that too. I mean, the guys did what they could, but a number of times they couldn't even remember the names of areas or bosses, I was just yelling at my speakers "IT'S THE BED OF CHAOS. BED. OF. CHAOS. GODDAMMIT."

I was kinda hoping that I would learn something new

Posted by BisonHero

I'll be curious to hear what they have to say about Dark Souls 2. I could see at least 1 or 2 of them really being bothered by how much DS2 toned down the lighting in the final product compared to the trailers/demo.

Posted by TournamentOfHate

I feel like I've waited so long to hear what 8-4 thought of the localization in this game, so this was nice to listen to.

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