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Posted by Mercury45

Well, I had to do a double-take when I saw Gaim and Baron there on the front page.

Suddenly, listening to this podcast has some vested personal interest...

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Posted by CrocBox

@mercury45 You know that's right. I actually shouted out "Whoa!" when I saw them.

Posted by Brinty

@mercury45: I was really confused for a second but heck yeah

Posted by WinterSnowblind

If there's one thing Giant Bomb needs, it's more Kamen Rider.

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Fuck yeah, it's my favorite fruit samurai show!

And there's also a podcast here, apparently.

Really liking this year's show so far. I had even considered picking up a Budou Lock Seed but they were sold out when I checked :/

Maybe it's for the best.

Posted by sprsk

Hey! It's nice to see there are people on giant bomb into Gaim. I have to say I mostly started watching it since my kid was into it but I think I've gotten more invested than even he has...

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Where does Gaim fit in all this?

EDIT: Blah. It's just a small part where they talk about hunting the Genesis belt for Christmas. Seriously though, I'm trying to hunt for it myself and it's really difficult to nail down.

Posted by hkr

Seeing Gaim on the front page has me so excited you don't even know.

Kamen Rider Gaim is so fucking good you guys.

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Watashi wa 8-4 Play ga ski desu

Posted by Willy105

Mitchy is the best Rider, Baron is just a tool.

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Yeah there's always a huge rush for the DX toys both when a show is first starting and is ending. Middle of the season is probably your best bet but even then you gotta have some luck. It's nice to see I'm not the only tokubro here. :P

Posted by doc_james

Gaim has been great so far.
A friend got me some of the candy toy Lock Seeds for Christmas and now I've fallen down the Lock Seed hole...

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@willy105: Totally, Micchi's the best!

@crocbox: I'll put some money away and hope for the best then, gotta get me that Budou Lock Seed. Not getting my hopes up for a Driver.

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Love the Kamen Rider Gaim pic.

Posted by Undeadpool

Damnit, guys, WHAT DAY IS IT!?!?

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Can always appreciate De La Soul. Good on you guys.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

People celebrate Christmas in Japan by eating fried chicken? Why can't that be an American thing?

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Sad they didn't try the Crystal Tower in FFXIV yet, definitely a super fun experience (except for the part where you're playing with 23 other people, every run has been full of bickering so far). The other new dungeons they've added are pretty great too; can't wait to see what they make in the future if this is the trend they're on.

But yea, housing is a bit crazy. Our guild has managed to gather a few million gold, but it's not even close to what we need to buy our own housing.

Posted by sprsk

@doc_james: It is definitely a hole. I buy them for my kid, but like I'll be real--I don't mind buying them cause I like em too.

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On Friday I was saddened when I thought there was going to be no 8-4 podcast this week (due to the holidays). On Saturday I was super pumped when the podcast showed up in my feed.

To repay you guys I'll buy Fire Emblem Awakening even though I don't have a 3DS yet. I'll have one by the time Bravely is released in NA. I used to be a Fire Emblem fiend so this way everybody wins.

Posted by sate2801

as far as I remember the kamen riders are all insect/grasshopper themed...right?
what happened after black and RX?

Posted by WinterSnowblind

@sate2801: Kuuga, Agito and Kabuto were still insect themed. Things got more outlandish after that, with trains, astronauts and wizards. O's had grasshopper legs? Now we're onto fruit samurai.

Posted by Mercury45

@wintersnowblind said:

@sate2801: Kuuga, Agito and Kabuto were still insect themed. Things got more outlandish after that, with trains, astronauts and wizards. O's had grasshopper legs? Now we're onto fruit samurai.

As I recall, Ryuki was the first to break the insect theme with the two main Riders being dragon- and bat-themed, respectively. It's probably due to that series' success that they were willing to break out of some of the old traditions.

And yeah, OOO had a series of insect medals. Even if he only used the full combo twice due to CGI cost...

Posted by BTA

Seeing Gaim and Baron on the front page was definitely more than a little surreal, yeah.

Posted by Nags

What's with all the deleted messages? :o

Posted by Mercury45

@nags: There were a LOT of spam messages that linked to what I'm betting were virus sites in the comments. They've been plaguing the site recently and this comment thread got spammed really hard.