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Dan Ryckert is the greatest thing.

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The ad with Danny uncomfortably reminded me of the continuing undercutting and almost continuous devaluing of visual art and how commission prices at minimum wages are considered overpriced.

Yeah, I feel really weird about some of their sponsors (and that one in particular) but not everyone has the luxury of choosing their advertisers, I guess.

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Back in my days we dealt with 99% of the dealbreakers we discovered in partners.

Wicked old world that so many cannot believe. How did people make friends? Learn? Figure out how to pass the up-down barrel in Sonic 3? How did people manage to get dating, marry?

The things I see and hear on the internet about these subjects make me feel old in a great oh wise guru-way and dog bless.

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Danny's really good at articulating what it is he does and doesn't like about video games. Not really a new discovery, but it always strikes me, when I get a chance to listen to him talk at length about videogames, just how good he is at articulating his thoughts on them.

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Lets all hear it. Three cheese for a new Bombcast: hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hopi iti hopi iti hooray, havilah havilah hooray, halloumi halloumi hooray!


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Honestly, if Dan was an alien sent to observe the human race I really wouldn't be surprised.

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Brad, why do you mispronounce "herb"

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It's looking at me!

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In case people who wondering why Jeff was missing from this Bombcast and last week's UPF, he mentioned on Twitter that his dad passed away recently.

My condolences, Jeff.

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I bought a 5 pack of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese yesterday and Dan's story makes me almost want to throw it away. Because he's a monster.

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I bought a 5 pack of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese yesterday and Dan's story makes me almost want to throw it away DEVOUR IT ALL IN ONE SITTING!!! Because he's a monster AMAZING AND A REAL AMERICUN.


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In case people who wondering why Jeff was missing from this Bombcast and last week's UPF, he mentioned on Twitter that his dad passed away recently.

My condolences, Jeff.

oh wow didn't realize, hope he's doing ok :(

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This is one of the best Bombcasts I have ever heard. Add Danny as an official Bombcast member.

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This is one of the best Bombcasts I have ever heard. Add Danny as an official Bombcast member.

Complete agreement.

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This podcast is D4!

Danny, Dan, Drew and braD!

The Illuminati are real!

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Dan "Glass in his ass" Ryckert

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It's too bad about the dota 2 patch notes coming out tofay, now I have to wait a whole week to listen to brad freaking out

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what if nature box actually sees the image for the podcast??????

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Kraft Mac & Cheese is disgusting. A real, well-prepared plate of mac and cheese either homemade or from a good restaurant is one God's great culinary gifts. Do not sully it by eating shit made with yellow dust.

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..... listening to this podcast is soooooo fucking stupid.... there's a fig tree outside my front door, and there are no wasps...... just raccoons, and it's trash day so they are extra hyper right now.... I will take photos of them later for now..... I got this outside my door.

Maybe I should ask them if there are wasps in my figs? Rabies?

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Dan certainly keeps things lively on the podcast.

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Oh, now I understand why Jeff wasn't in mood for podcasting, my sincere condolence.

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I love Story Time With Dan.

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I kind of want to listen to a podcast where Dan and Danny just sit down and chat, and share some stories. Maybe have some others in the room to give some kind of funny reaction to some of the crazy shit they've been through. Dan with glass in his ass, Danny being hit by a car.

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"craft macaroni and cheese is the best thing in the entire world" well this podcast is off to a bad start...

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Podcast on my birthday!!

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Dan's taste is food is me at 8 years old. but I'm a lot older than that now. And so is he. There is more to the world than artificial cheese dan!!!!!

all I want out of dan is baby steps. Try the rest of the taco bell menu! something that isn't just fake cheese! Fake cheese is fine, but please, branch out. Get a chalupa!

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Now I am really interested in what Dan's deal breakers are. I wonder why they stopped him. They usually keep thing 'work blue' on the Bombcast but I guess Dan need to be kept on a shorter leash since he is world's greatest monster. :P

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Here's that trailer by the way. It looks pretty good.

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As much as I love playing video games, they aren't critical to anyone's lives. Places like Boeing have commercial and military contracts that affect millions of customers that pay top dollar for whatever their avenue is. The unfortunate thing about game development is it is some of the most difficult programming. They often have to learn crazy optimization tricks that don't always apply to enterprise software because games are incredibly demanding of resources. It's kinda lame that the pay really isn't there, but if you love games and really want to make them you will learn a lot of useful skills for sure.

EDIT: Better yet get Dave Lang on the podcast and have him ramble off about it.

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Danny and the Ryckerts coming to cinemas this Thanksgiving. There is probably a great tag line somewhere there.

I feel like there should be a jingle signifying Dan's story of the week at the end of each bombcast to make even more special.

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Dan Ryckert the Icarus of Mac and Cheese.


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At around 1:18:45 @brad said "You know your history" in such a specific way that I could FEEL @drewbert holding back the urge to say "You know your history...very good."

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Is Drew contractually obliged to quote an 80's movie in everything he appears in?

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If Fig Newtons have wasps in them, then wasps taste pretty good.

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My most anticipated thing on this website now is waiting to hear Danny recount his Kansas Thanksgiving experience.

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You racist monster.. hand me back those star spangled pajamas this instant. Only pyjamas for you from now on..

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The best and the worst, this podcast. Talking about loot games and "What is Final Fantasy anymore???" at the beginning bored me to tears, but when they started talking about their dating/pet/karaoke/drinking experiences, I was dying of laughter. I love having Dan and Danny on.

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I love Story Time With Dan.

Every single week it's a new and shocking/uncomfortable/fascinating tale.

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when exactly will Jeff come in and say "what are you guys doing?"

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Best part...


So if I had a kid by some stroke of misfortune, and you know, I had a baby...


Oh god... Abort! ...No! No! No! No! That's not what I meant! That's not what I meant!

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I'm kinda surprised to hear Danny say he doesn't like grouping up with people. I have always envisioned him to be a very social person in games.

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All right ... as a german I don't want to imagine @danryckert in germany ... but at the same time I REALLY want to imagine @danryckert in germany.

At least he would get to taste some good beer.

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I wasn't paying completely close attention whilst listening so I definitely could be mistaken, but were there three ad segments? In a two hour podcast? Hrmmm.