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If The Witcher 3 is your first Witcher, I'd recommend this primer.

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Posted by MooseyMcMan

Oo! Early Bombcast! Yay!

Posted by Wesker


Posted by Joker369

Bombcast time!

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Posted by FNGbomber

Holy cow! I refreshed in hopes for this, and voila!

Posted by Benmo316

Suck buckets? Must be a West Coast thing.

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Oh no Danny is shutting this whole site down.

Posted by huser

Early Bombcast is the best Bombcast

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Posted by flight815

It's a podcast!

Posted by AMyggen

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Time to pimp Irish Coffee, Danny.

Posted by seemah

Yea! Excited to ether Mr shoemakers thoughts on The Witcher after that tweet of his yesterday. He basically said he wish he would have called in sick so he could play it all day.

Posted by Devildoll

I'm halfway through witcher 1, and after that, i can start playing witcher 2, and then i can start playing witcher 3.

Posted by InstantRyan

I didn't know Bret has an Irish accent

Posted by JYoung

Is the Witcher really that good of a game, or is it just a slightly better Skyrim? Because Skyrim seemed like the best thing since sliced bread at first, but it fell apart for me after I while. Everything was really wooden; I don't understand how you can go back and call that game immersive in any sense, when the characters are all walking siphons for quest info and every enemy has the same stilted reaction to you.

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Straight out of watching Mad Max (thumbs up from me, it's a great time) and there's a fresh Bombcast waiting!

@JYoung: If your concern is wooden characters then Witcher 3 may be right for you. I'm only early in but the characters are fantastic. The world is packed with interesting people brought to life by some top-notch voice acting. Again, early impressions but I'm very impressed so far.

I will note that there are passive NPCs with repeating dialogue, but everyone you actually interact with feels like a believable person in that world.

EDIT: GBeast cast confirmed! Can't wait for Friday!

Posted by Pilzi


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45 minutes in, GBEast podcast confirmed to start this Friday. Get hype!

Posted by Chicken008
Posted by AMyggen
Posted by FLStyle

The fuck is Bay to Breakers? What have you crazy Americans been up to this time?

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

I'm ready for this.

Posted by T_wester

Listing to Dan being perplexed by naked people is great.

Posted by Lurkero

It's amazing how often Dan Rykert's opinions turn into hilarity despite not knowing how serious he is about them.

Posted by cthomer5000

@amyggen said:

45 minutes in, GBEast podcast confirmed to start this Friday. Get hype!

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I'm halfway through witcher 1, and after that, i can start playing witcher 2, and then i can start playing witcher 3.

But you've still got 8 books to read.

Posted by cthomer5000

Danny is making me quite interested in Witcher 3. It sounds accessible enough to jump into, and he triggered a lot of things I loved about a couple of different games when describing his experience. Probably won't pick it up immediately, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for a sale now.

Posted by ant1war

Huh I always heard "Beta Breakers". Always thought that was weird.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Mario Strikers and Witcher 3 are really really fun.

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@dan_citi: witcher soccer, i mean foosball, game confirmed?

Posted by DeviTiffany

I'm getting flashbacks of back in the day when Patrick described his first Bay to Breakers experience on the Podcast.

"There was just this naked guy... in a pig mask."

"Oh he wasn't part of the event."

Posted by NickDynmo

Here is another primer on the Witcher series, so you don't have to go to Kotaku (sorry, Patrick).

Posted by ripelivejam

@nickdynmo: but what if im on a misguided holy crusade to avoid polygon too???

Posted by Dan_CiTi

@dan_citi: witcher soccer, i mean foosball, game confirmed?

Those 16 DLCs gotta be something cool, and I'm sure Geralt can hit a mean volley.

Posted by csl316

Beastcast Friday? Give it to me.

Posted by LTSmash

I feel like Dan needs to do a Wicker Man commentary with Alex next time he's in SF.

Posted by NickDynmo
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Danny's Dan is on point!

Posted by tuxfool

@jyoung: From what I've played so far, it probably is that good. In many ways it is the anti-skyrim in regard to everything except being a fantasy and being open world. The quests and interactions are never things by the numbers and have all been custom designed.

Frankly, I suspect this will be the high water margin in terms of rpg quest design (and content) for the foreseeable future. I don't see Fallout 4 being as good (for starters it isn't being done by Obsidian), ME4 is probably another Bioware RPG (binary choices, save the world kind of things). None of these games will be bad, just not as good. Maybe Torment: Tides of Numenara will be interesting for similar reasons to W3.

Posted by Allprox

The referendum in Ireland is on the 22nd (Friday) btw for gay marriage not Wednesday.

Posted by BannerThief

@jyoung: Yeah, Witcher 3 has dramatically better writing and quest design than any modern Bethesda RPG (and this is coming from someone who mostly loves Bethesda RPGs). Witcher 3 is much closer to Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) than Bethesda's stuff, if not necessarily in politics, then definitely in tone and deliberate inversions of classic fantasy tropes. I really like Bethesda's games, but their writing and characters have always been the weak link. Witcher 3 is on another level when it comes to that stuff.

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Dark Sector was surprisingly good. I remember it being absolutely nothing like those super early teasers they sent out before the beginning of the gen. A really nice salvage job on a game that seemed to get completely redesigned and could have just been shelved with no one batting an eye.

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Posted by ErythorbicAcid

I made it 16 minutes into the podcast, and then had to go play Witcher...

Posted by Jataka4

Could someone point me to these ball vehicles that they speak of? I can't find anything about these by traditional means.

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I miss having Drew on the bombcast, honestly.

Posted by Hayt

If I want to avoid all Witcher talk anyone got a vague timestamp?