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Oh this is exactly what I need in my life right now.

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Whoa! This really is an early one!

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oh shit

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Dan: avid Juggalo.

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The cover image is simply magical.

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Pheonix Wright Objection!

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I just seen the artwork for this episode and my response was simply, "Oh shit."

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Twitter is for putting up announcements for the site. That's why GB is on twitter.

Nobody should ever have a serious discussion on Twitter. The service is incredibly ill-suited for it.

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Thank you

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This cover art is promising.

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No one should have a history with the Dark Carnival. No one.

Also Ryckert talking shit about cats on Twitter is clearly him just trying to develop himself further as the internet's greatest heel

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Crikey this is lovely and early. Looking forward to hearing that ad music Brad described as sounding lifted from a Spice Girls song. Always good to hear Jason on the cast too. Dude has a really pleasing voice and plenty to say.

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Yes, Eurocast! It's actually Tuesday! Thank you!

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Hell yeah early Bombcast! Looking forward to the Capcom Cup talk from Jason considering he was at the event!

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Woah, that's earlier than early!

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It's a miracle!

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yes hello? I would like one ticket on the hype train. Destination: TUESDAY!!!!

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what is a juggalo

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Wait, the giant bombcast is early ? Is this a christmas miracle ?

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Jeff had a Juggalette

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@overbite said:

what is a juggalo

You don't wanna know.

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Why can't I download this from iTunes yet?

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wow an actual bombcast I can listen to on tuesday, thanx for this christmas miracle guys!

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Jeezy chreezy, this podcast's headline image.

I don't even.

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I think by being from Michigan I have to be somewhat excited that somebody somewhere is talking about the ICP

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I didn't understand a single word in the description... this is going to be a good one.

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Somebody get those monsters away from those horses.

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Yeah boi!

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Oh jesus fucking christ that thumbnail....

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Spoilers for MGS2 and MGS in general about 1:13 into the podcast. They give enough warning so it shouldn't be a problem, but just a heads up for people following MGScanlon for the first time.

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Listening to Brad defend Destiny by comparing it to Diablo; I don't think this is a good comparison - Diablo at least randomly generates the levels, Destiny is exactly the same right down to the enemy locations every time you play.

If they'd done random level generation it would have been a much more interesting game.

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Not listened yet, but is that a screen shot of Big Money Rustlas? I'm sad that I recognized it immediately.

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Is this the one with ALL the emails?

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@red720 said:

Listening to Brad defend Destiny by comparing it to Diablo; I don't think this is a good comparison - Diablo at least randomly generates the levels, Destiny is exactly the same right down to the enemy locations every time you play.

If they'd done random level generation it would have been a much more interesting game.

He was just comparing it to Diablo in that you run the same shit over and over again for loot and other stuff, which is fair. Of course it's not the same type of game, but that aspect is similar and is the reason why a lot of people still play Destiny.

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@amyggen: The end game grind in diablo is rifts. They are always different. You swap between tile sets constantly and at the highest difficulties you're guaranteed an upgrade. Plus the complexity of the loot itself and the customization is much greater. And can you believe the classes are actually different!

You're not farming rep or marks by doing the same things youve been doing the entire game. You're not running the exact same raid (i guess there's two now but you gotta pay money for that one) hoping to get a drop or hoping the rng cryptarch will make you a strange coin instead of some garbage piece of gear.

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Diablo didn't charge you 60 dollars for act 1 then 20 dollars for each act after.

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ICP as the image? I'm scared.

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YAY bombcast. Come on stop defending Destiny so much. They even shoved the first DLC down everybody's throats before it was out and it's still lacking with content. Bungie can't live on their imaginary pedestal forever.

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The Hatred talk was really great.

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How did I know Brad would turn the first part of the cast into the Destiny Apology section? The game sucks. The update sucks. The DLC sucks. The grind isn't fun and sucks. To each their own and everything, but to say this was worth $20 as DLC? I better not hear Brad complain about DLC pricing for anything ever again, lol.

Then they make raid gear only able to be leveled by things that drop, in low quantity, from the raid? Screw that. This game is 2014's Biggest Disappointment; its a mediocre shooter and a terrible mmo. Diablo 3's endgame is 500x better than this, so not its not the same in that either.

I also think that the "new" stuff isn't good either. I'm also not sure what Brad was complaining about with the quest structure...they have plenty of room on the screen for quests. They don't even use the 10 or 15 quest slots in your inventory, and you N EVER have enough quests to ever get close to filling that out.

I think Jeff playing this more is indicative of nothing as he actively plays things he hates and complains about all the time. Brad, however, has some knack of getting overtly obsessive about something and then he has to talk about it on every Bombcast for about 6 months.