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Just in time for dinner!

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Holy shit. That ad. I'm dying already.

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Pro read on that first ad Jeff.

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Aw hells to the yeah. Cant wait to cry when I hear you guys talk about 1vs100 :-(

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Just as I was about to head out! Good timing!

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Oh my god


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Aw yeah, love me a bombcast just before bedtime.

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Hey small business man...

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No. No I need to sleep. No. Not now. Please. Damn you bombcast.

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Perfect for my commute tomorrow.

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Wrasslin and Bombin all up in that Boston

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Sweet...... just in time for me to start opening my phat launch ps3 to replace TIM and dust.

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Are we allowed to comment on the sponsors? Because that first ad read was great, but boy do I have some feelings about the product advertised, based solely on the description they provided.

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Chik Fil-A on a Sunday? WORD? OH SNAP!

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That Ralphie May ad wow glad I didn't listen to the Premium version this week.

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Wait wait what, Jeff likes Monster Hunter now? Seriously? Awesome. Glad GB has caught on, either way.

Dan should learn how to read his bookshelf ;P I'm tempted to buy Dan one of these charms:

Edit: also, I feel like Drew has some of the same problems with MGS that Dan has with MH. MGS uses some bizarre control schemes, just because that's what it's done for years. Finally, no one tell him about the MGS/MH crossover that was in peace walker...

Haha, Drew brought this up at the very end...

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Dan is using Dark Souls as an example of a game that explains itself. What... what is happening... That game is nearly as impenetrable as Monster Hunter and often explains even less. I prefer Dark Souls by a LONG shot, but it isn't because Dark Souls explains itself.

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Gonna gnosh on this while trying out Cities:Skylines ya bisH?

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oh god the commercial i can't

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I bet Jeff hated reading that. It was incredible.

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It's Vern Troyer. He's riding the razor scooters.

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Damn, Ralphie May, you a straight busta!

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In the menu of Monster Hunter 4 there's a section called Hunter's Notes, it has a lot more than the older games. There's some stuff that you need to look up an FAQ for, but those are typically more advanced things like drop rates and gathering points.

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"That is one big pile of snow." - Jeff Goldblum

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Don't mean to put @rorie on blast, but...

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Having Code Name: S.T.E.A.M ship with my biggest bummer from playing the demo (those ememy turns can take FUCKING FORVER sometimes) is super shitty to hear.

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Dan is yet another one of those person who skipped some menus and help info and then complain about things he think the game doesn't explain or doesn't show. See, the Kelbis? The general store has the encyclopedia pages of common animals like them, cheap as heck too. They do show you an artistic picture of the animal in your hunter's notes as well as some tidbits of it, and you can tell you have to "hunt" for monsters that has visible horns to get horn drops. In monster hunter tri, you could actually use your wii remote to check the enemy info on the fly.

There's TONS of info and help menu in the game, more than there was ever was in previous games, if you went to check all the menus. That's the most comparable thing to dark souls in my opinion. Spend time in the help menus(most NPCs has their own help menu), especially the hunters' notes and you will learn everything you need to know, and the rest is learning to master the controls and experiencing everything for a first time.

The thing the game doesn't tell you is what monsters or gather spot drops what, and that's the information a FAQ would be handy, but you can very well finish the game's storyline without one. It's a divide between planning ahead in the hunts and wanting to learn and discover by yourself, which is different for people which one is enjoyable.

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In Dan's rant, he says he hates terrible controls, but somehow MGS is exempt?

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@matoyak said:

Dan is using Dark Souls as an example of a game that explains itself. What... what is happening... That game is nearly as impenetrable as Monster Hunter and often explains even less. I prefer Dark Souls by a LONG shot, but it isn't because Dark Souls explains itself.

He didn't use it as an example of a game that explains itself, he only mentioned that it gets going a lot faster (which it does). I've had problems getting into the MH series because of how slow it is to start and how little it explains. MH4 seems better than the previous entries in that it's easier to find information in the game, but I still find myself looking up a lot of shit in FAQs right now. I'm 10 hours in right now and enjoying the gameplay, but everything around it still feels like a chore. I hope that when that stuff becomes second nature, I will start really enjoying it.

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1 vs 100 is still one of the only two S-ranks I have in the Xbox ecosystem. Thanks, game.

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@flavbot said:

No. No I need to sleep. No. Not now. Please. Damn you bombcast.

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Dan is a a filthy doper.

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In Ralphie May's defense, he's had a tough road and he seems like a fine guy when he does an interview (I heard him on Jay Mohr's and Marc Maron's podcasts) with a good heart and he's pretty funny in conversation.

That said, he's a pretty boring comic on stage and if his marketing team is going to supply copy like that it'd be a shame for Jeff not to send it up in the most indignantly enthusiastic mode possible.

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Dan needs to understand the difference between quality and his personal understanding of a game. Just sounds ignin

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Sometimes I forget that there isn't much more to Dan than a likable personality. There is nothing wrong with that, he just isn't necessarily one for nuance.

Salt has chemicals in it?!- Dan

Fucking hell man. And that attitude that if he doesn't get a game that makes it a bad game. Wow. Listening to Danswers and his podcast with his dad gave me hope, but Dan's comments and attitude on a day to day basis diminish the benefit of the doubt that said podcasts built up for him.

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@sodadog said:

Dan needs to understand the difference between quality and his personal understanding of a game. Just sounds ignin

I hate to hear what you think about Jeff.

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Monster Hunter is an objectively bad game.

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Neo Kobe Pizza is alright imo.

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OK so, I get everyone is entitled to their habits, and Jeff sells his well, but man am I ever in the Jon Stewart school of PUT THE DAMN PIZZA IN YOUR HAND AND POINT IT TOWARDS YOUR PIE HOLE.

My girlfriend gives me shit anytime I eat wings around her because I don't eat them with a knife and fork which is even more baffling. She is the only person I've ever met who does this and yet she acts like it's a barbarian act to eat them any other way.

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Was Patrick the only one at GB that played Valkyria Chronicles? Codename S.T.E.A.M's gameplay is pretty much that. I'm really confused why seeing the enemy turns play out is such a negative for a lot of people. Since there's no top down view, it's necessary to know what exactly the enemies are doing and where they end up so you can react accordingly.

I don't want to go on a tirade about Dan's experience with MH since I would end up yakking for paragraphs so I'll just say I'm looking forward to the future podcast with Jason : P. This is coming from a fan of the Metal Gear series but I think Dan forgets how "archaic" the first 3 Metal Gear Solids were in comparison to other games at the time they were released( and today's games for that matter) if he's using the argument that games should always control how he expects.

Edit: Just reached the end of the podcast and chuckled at Drew commenting MH controlled easier than Metal Gear when Brad and Jeff were criticizing CQC in Snake Eater

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hey guys, it's literally dan's job to give his honest opinions about video games so let's not all jump on his back when he does that and you don't agree with him. thank you have a wonderful day/night/morning/who cares

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Pineapple pizza is best. This is a universal truth.

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@hybridmbl: have you played the demo for Code Name: S.T.E.A.M? The enemy turns take fucking forever to go through which is the main complaint.

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@oscar__explosion: I have, I just don't agree with the criticism that enemy turns "take fucking forever".

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@hybridmbl: it just seems much more noticeable as time goes on during a session. Idk that's how I felt playing the demo and I was really hoping it wasn't going to be the case for the final release.

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Dan didn't like Monster Hunter? Wow. What a surprise. The only less dan-like style of game I can think of are Paradox strategy games like Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis.