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Destiny is here, y'all! AND SO IS THE BOMBCAST

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Finally. It's.. Wednesday!

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Time to make a complete decision on Destiny based on what I hear in this bombcast and look at no other source. HERE WE GO.

Also I like my Pebble. If you don't like watches then you shouldn't get it though.

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Tell me about Destiny!.

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FLAX...crostini bites.

Edit: Oh man, when Brad said he tried watching an anime people really liked, I assumed he was referring to Attack on Titan, but uhh.. Kill la Kill maybe not the best thing to just casually start on a whim. Jeff asking if it was pornographic was...uhh ironic? I feel like there's some multi-layered meta-irony to be explored there...somewhere

Also Ryan liked FLCL?? <3

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""Bathtub chicken""

Oh boy.

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Bathtub chicken? Sorry but i prefer sink steak.

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The bombcast comes crashing down and it hurts inside

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Hey-o! I'll have to give this a listen tomorrow, too late for me tonight.

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My body is not ready for "bathtub chicken". Break out the Pepto.

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Bathtub chicken goes down smooth with a little wine spodie-odie.

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Did they read my question? Did they read my question?

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@lunnington: This is the best way to develop an opinion. #NoJoke

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Just make sure it's properly cooked.

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Looking forward to hearing of Drew's adventure at the local wrestling thing.

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Dan cooking reminds me of lindsay in AD with her "hot ham water"

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Oh no! We're losing Drew to the side of....well, not the dark side per se, but certainly the side of more normal human being stuff. Quick, cook something in a sous vide and watch European race cars!

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Let's light this candle...

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Hey everybody its almost Wednesday!

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Jeff "I turned on the dude" Gerstmann

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Are the Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu just wrestling circuits?

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i like it !!!

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And so it begins...

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Think we all could have predicted what Jeff was going to say about Destiny. Just have one thing to interject into the conversation.

I was watching a stream of Destiny last night. Think the streamer was named Golden Glove. He was in a group with two other people. The sword part Jeff referred to as "goofy" and "hokie as hell" was a very exciting battle which dropped a sword you used for a while that had you flying across the room tearing apart enemies. Crazy hype. The second dungeon is nuts! I never got excited watching a stream of any game before until then. Just to get into the dungeon involved a battle that when finished the streamers were blown away. At the end a huge battle with many different unit types and a unique boss kicks off. You need to coordinate together as a team or you are doomed. Switched over to another big streamer playing the same dungeon and was getting wasted over and over because their team was not working together.

This is coming from someone who is not going to be buying this game anytime soon.

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oh god I almost spit kool-aid on my monitor laughing at that "murderboner" comment from Jeff.

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I feel like Jen Taylor did better job as Zoe than Windows Siri

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Dan is out of control.

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@enns: LOL.

I am really intrigued to learn of this "bathtub chicken".

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Are the flax crustinis stix or bites? I'm so confused.

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Holy crap. I don't know why I'm still surprised but Dan believing that you could cook 100 chicken breasts, wrap them in tin foil and put them in the freezer for a year is insane.

They're already vacuum-sealed from the souls vide! The fact that they're still covered in juices and shit means they'll actually taste like something when you thaw them!

How has he never experienced freezer burn before?!

At this point I feel that the only logical conclusion is that Dan is an alien sent to earth to learn and study our culture.

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great ads this week guys, i could hear jeff shouting healthy snack names all day.

hoping we get the return of some overarching plot tho (it sounds stupid to even type that but here we are :D )

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The iPhone talk desperately needs Matt Rorie.

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the irony of a health food sponsor.... it never ceases to amaze me.

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How in the hell...is Dan still alive? His chicken story....ALL his stories.....amazing.

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Some SHOCKING Rykert Revelations on this week's episode.

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The surprise ending killed me.

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Code Geass is THE SHIT. Dan should watch that.

But not the dubs though.

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That was an amazing podcast. I was in stitches laughing half a dozen times. Good work yall.

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In regards to that email about Tomb Raider; Phil Spencer has straight-up said that one of the reasons Microsoft went after Tomb Raider was because they've tried multiple times to make an Uncharted competitor and they were never good enough. I think it was in a Eurogamer interview.

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Anime challenge commencing.

That guy's pick better be good.

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Dan has added the best kind of variety to Giant Bomb. Hiring him was the best idea.

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I am desperate to see any verification of the Saudi royal prince Giant Bomb fan.

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Dan at least knows to cook chicken before eating it. It's a victory in its own right.