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Posted by DebonairDerriere

Neat, more Dark Souls is always all right.

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There weren't any last week ?

There's silence until past the minute mark.

Posted by Salvatron

Very odd. Audio cuts out a few seconds in for me (even after page refresh). Will check back later.

Posted by fleasquire

Audio started again at about 1:15 for me.

Posted by patrickklepek

HMM. I'll fix.

Posted by vucub88

The audio skips around for me.

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Interesting perspective on Dark Souls, @patrickklepek.

Can't wait for the PC version I've pre-ordered to come out. Dark Souls was my console game of last gen, so I'm eager to play the next one. I've avoided most footage of it, because its predecessor gave me the most enjoyable gaming experience...maybe ever. I want to experience the new one with little info going in.

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