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Good dog?

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Dat lengthy preamble.

Also...Patrick. The upload has none of Alex's audio.

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I cant hear Alex's audio.

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Conversation seems a little one-sided.

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Is it just me, I can't hear Alex on this broadcast at all.

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I think the Alex is broke. You need to reboot your co-host, Patrick.

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Maybe Alex left, but Patrick refuses to believe it and just kept going.

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Wait, has Alex been a figment of Patrick's imagination THIS WHOLE TIME?!?

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I don't know why, but I feel like I'm missing out on half the conversation here...

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what the heck is this?! :/

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Sounds like they've fixed the audio now

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Audio is fucked. I can't listen to this, I hope SGDQ is mentioned in this.

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guess it works now so redownload everyone

@patrickklepek it would be cool if you and alex would sometimes remember that a lot of people just listen to the podcast, and cannot actually see when one of you guys says "look at this!"

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You're thinking of Girl Talk.

Edit: Never mind you got it. Also totally seems like Phil Fish is looking for a fight sometimes.

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You know, it should be said off the top that it's a pretty strange concept that people make any money off of the videos they upload to Youtube at all (historically/economically speaking). That said, I feel like a reasonable model for Youtube revenue sharing on game-related videos would be something like:

-Edited videos which use short gameplay clips as part of their larger point (eg: Supercuts, Game Reviews) - fair use, all money goes to Youtuber

-Long form videos with commentary (eg: Let's Plays, Quick Looks) - 66/33 split, Youtuber gets most of it

-Long form gameplay without commentary - 50/50 split

-Non-gameplay cutscene without commentary - Youtuber gets 33% and is grateful they even get that

Rights holders get to place revenue sharing claims instead of takedown requests, and the uploader gets to decide if they want to take the deal or just take the video down.

It'd be really interesting to see what most of them choose.

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Oh, the Marty...

My buddy Marty owns a Marty and thinks it's the best shit ever.

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So no watchdogs talk? Huh.™

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