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Will there be a video?

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I guess they finally ditched Google Hangouts for whatever reason.

Posted by Pascy

I've never been one to show how much I enjoy peoples content on the internet and especially not in a public comment section. But I think I need to give you my praise considering how much I think this one show did for me. I have just finished my 10th year of school in which I did my first big exams, I am painfully average (and sometimes worse) in terms of my performance at school and I tend to do minimal levels of work, however I began to start listening to this podcast and I decided I could do something useful while I was listening to it and turned to doing my school work. It was not too long after until it was crunch time to begin seriously revising for my upcoming exams. This podcast kept me going throughout this period as I used it to get used to (what seemed like) revising for extended periods of time. This worked and I was soon doing hours of revision at a time without needing the podcast to keep me going. I got my results yesterday (which were still quite low) and got what I need to go to college. I hope this podcast continues for a long time and you both have my thanks as I sincerely doubt I would of got the same results without this podcast. (Also Patricks introduction to me of Dark Souls 2 helped as well, but I've rambled enough in this fairly poorly constructed comment anyway). :)