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the wolf and small business man era begins

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Scoooooooooooooooooooooops. :'(


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I got a Colt 45 as a souvenir from my sisters trip to the US and am considering pouring all of it on the ground right now.

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Ahh wooooo...

Good Luck. Have Batman.



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scooooooooooooooooooooooops :'(

I'll follow your work where-ever you decide to put it up, will miss seeing it on GB though. Good luck!

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Awwoooooo! ... :'(

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nah don't... ya killing me - I can't do this right now *saves for later*

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and so it ends....

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Keep trying niche games, Scoops! Yakuzaaaaaaaaa!

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Bye Patrick, just till you pop up again though

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Dude, seriously? I only just subscribed last week.

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so long Klepek, thanks for everythang you brought to this site! Alex, I need to continue hearing you weekly in some format or another AWOOOO!

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Though it's a bummer that this show's over (and Patrick's left GB), I'm excited for Small Business Man to get back on the mic on the regular.

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What a day this has been, and as sad as the news is, I can't imagine a more fitting end.

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Write In Peace, Patrick.

For the record, you were my favourite. I hope you continue scoopin', spookin', and spelunkin'...

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(sad face)

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I really enjoyed listening to the two of you. Thank you for making my Mondays and Fridays brighter! <3

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Aw man bummer, thanks for the morning show!

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whoa, sad to see you go Patrick. Loved your contributions to the site :(

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I dont listen to the podcast much but always watch it when i see the live stream link at the top. Always had fun being in the chat while watching this. *cries some more*

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Dang it. Gonna miss this show so much. It was such a fun time. AWOOOOOO!


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Gonna miss the Morning show, 2 hours of content a week that was interesting. I don't read gaming news so this was how I got most of it. I hope Vinny and Alex can start a new run of quality content.

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I'm gonna miss this a lot. Great last couple of years guys.

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I miss you already.

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Thanks for the fun times Patrick, be seeing you!

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One of the few podcasts that I can say I followed from the beginning.

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Gonna miss this, good luck Scoops.

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So long Scoops!

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Man, Patrick killed it this year. Its a real shame hes taking off. Going to really miss having him on the site, and this show.

Good luck wherever you go next, Patrick!

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Peace out, Patrick. Good luck going forward.


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Though it's a bummer that this show's over (and Patrick's left GB), I'm excited for Small Business Man to get back on the mic on the regular.


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Good choice on the thumbnail

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This was a kick ass show. My 3 hour daily commute just ended, but this was a godsend on Monday and Friday nights down Lake Shore.

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Wait what? Aw man i'm really bummed out @patrickklepek. I enjoyed your perspectives on the games you've played in the past. Good luck my friend, and keep us updated on what you are up to.

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What are these "future endeavors" of which you speak?

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So long. Farewell. :(

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*spilling out a 40 for scoops* We'll miss you

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Why you had to go and make me sad at the end of the year

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I'm so sad this is over now. Hope to see another podcast like this start up in the new year.

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See you around, Patrick!

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Awww this sucks man. I'll echo many other's sentiment here and say that you were always one of my favourite, most insightful, openminded and unique voices on the site. Not just at GB but as far back as 1up. No one had the ability you did to make sense of industry happenings, and explain it to us laymen. I can honestly say, you're almost singlehandedly responsible for my education on the business side of the gaming world, and for that I'll forever be thankful. Please be sure to keep us all posted via twitter wherever you land. I don't know exactly what the impetus was for you to leave this place, but I'm sure you're doing what's best for you. take care and continued success.