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Posted by realkman

Is this my birthday? Is this Christmas?

Posted by Rorie

Hey, sorry if Alex is quieter than I am here - it looked like he was spiking in the recorder but I might've turned him down too low. Hopefully not but sorry if so!

Posted by Crunchman

I love these. Is Screened content archived anywhere? There are a few Besties I'd like to rewatch.

Posted by Rorie

@crunchman: I think Joey has all of them on a hard drive somewhere, but it'd be tough to post them anywhere - I think YouTube would probably quickly take them all down due to copyright strikes.

Posted by AMyggen

@rorie: Alex isn't much quieter than you are, so no worries about that. You need to get Vinny to hook you up with some of that sweet royalty free music for an intro though! :)

Posted by therealminime

Yay for movie stuff. Have you guys checked out The Raid 2 yet?

Posted by AdmiralDolphin

wait, episode 11? what did i miss?!?

Posted by Rorie
Posted by Familyguy1

Still want to see The Wind Rises!

Posted by Itwastuesday

yes i will listen to this please do them all the time

Posted by tourgen

ahhhh yes

Posted by csl316

I was gonna listen to Alt+F1 tomorrow morning, but it's been so long that everything else is on hold!

The numerous tales of Act of God technical hiccups will make this listen that much sweeter.

Edited by therealminime

@rorie said:

@therealminime: Nope, not yet but I want to!

I look forward to hearing what you guys think of it, it's pretty bat shit crazy.

Posted by martschian

If Alex wants to watch some more Von Trier, he should try The Boss of It All. It's not nearly as bleak and misanthropic as some of his other movies. In fact it's a... comedy. (A damn funny one, IMHO, but that might depend on your tolerance for cringe comedy.)

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I hope Box Office Bomb remains somewhat consistent during the summer movie season.

Posted by TheHT


Posted by StraightGrizzly

17 minutes pass until Rorie inevitably mentions his television and how he prefers to watch movies at home.

Posted by MrMazz

Very interested to hear what yall thought of The Wind Rises as it is in my estimation Miyazaki's best film very Ozu-esque in pacing. I really want to go see Cap2 again, I remeber pretty much checking out after the second half and wonder if I was perhaps being to hard on it.

The Counselor is a crazy weird great experiment. I love how it's so arms length with everything, the directors cut is a bit weirder, wouldn't say overtly better but a bit more nuanced...and crazy.

Posted by baka_shinji17

I like movies!

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Hey, I think Antichrist is pretty damn good.

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I love all of the Lars Von Trier movies I've seen. I went into them knowing nothing about them, though, so that might've affected my experience. I actually rank Melancholia among my favorite recent movies.

Posted by Beomoose

Yes, been looking forward to this!

Posted by Rorie

17 minutes pass until Rorie inevitably mentions his television and how he prefers to watch movies at home.

It's less than a year old and I still love it! I'm definitely hitting that mid-30s, theater-trips-are-a-monthly-thing instead of my teenage five-times-a-month deal. Pretty soon we'll all have projectors and huge white walls and no one will go to the theater anymore.

Posted by WarOnHugs

Yay another episode!

Posted by TTFD

this reminds me of TANG unfortunately....but at least TANG was video game related content

Posted by Benmo316

Did anyone see 47 Ronin? I'm curious on the reception it got. I see it got a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes but was it really that bad?

Posted by myslead
Posted by flyingace16021

Alex might not need to watch Howl's Moving Castle over and over, but I definitely do. XD Then again, I also adored Ponyo. *shrug* Love these podcasts, really excited when they show up!

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*pauses podcast*

End of Days is a classic Schwarzenegger film. Great corny action film. Shame on both of you..


Posted by probablytuna

This is probably one of my most missed premium content on the site, thanks for recording another one duders!

Posted by Rorie

@ttfd: ...and there's plenty of game-related content on the site if that's what you're interested in. But judging by audience reaction, there's also plenty of desire to hear F1 podcasts or listen to people talk about movies or see people play Pathfinder. If you feel otherwise, that's fine, but just keep in mind you're on a website where an editor uploaded a video of llamas that wound up being commented on over 300 times.

We're a staff with a diverse array of interests and we're going to talk about them. Sorry that this apparently offends you somehow, judging by your comment on the last podcast calling it "stoopid meaningless content." I always welcome criticism, but it'd help me do what I do better if you actually commented on the content of the thing rather than simply dismiss it out of hand. But you're freely welcome to do the latter, too, considering you're paying for it.

Posted by hollitz

Rorie nailed the Lone Ranger humor stuff.

I still mourn the loss of the True Detective podcast.

Posted by Rorie
Posted by yyZiggurat

@rorie said:

@crunchman: I think Joey has all of them on a hard drive somewhere, but it'd be tough to post them anywhere - I think YouTube would probably quickly take them all down due to copyright strikes.

I'd be happy even if they were uploaded to a shady Scandinavian torrent site. I loved the work you, Joey, and Alex did on that site and the news of what the sale of the Whiskey sites meant for Screened really brought me down. Besties, Half Good, Defend Your Movie, and that behind the scenes editing video Joey posted. Great stuff!

Edited by Corevi

@benmo316: it's just super mediocre, which is the worst kind of movie, so yes. the only highlight is the end where Reeves commits seppuku. Also @rorie The Wind Rises is Miyazaki's final film.

Posted by oppai2

@rorie: that was smooth! Also, love your show. 7 months has been too long.

Posted by Rorie

@oppai2: Pretty sure we did one in January if you can find it!

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I'll be there for Spider-Man in IMAX 3D, Godzilla, X-Men, and Maleficent in May.

I loved The Lone Ranger. You made some good points about why you didn't like it very much so I can't get too upset about you not liking it.

The Counselor was weird but I enjoyed it a lot. You're right about it being a beautiful movie in terms of actors and cinematography.

I think that new Cameron Diaz movie looks like it's worth a rental.

Alex was pretty much spot on about Nebraska. I thought Will Forte was fantastic in it though and deserved an acting nomination for his performance. My favorite Payne movie is Sideways. About Schmidt is pretty fantastic too.

Edited by alsnuts2

Great work guys. Love the show.

Posted by TepidShark

For once I have seen all of the movies in the podcast description (Haven't listened to the episode yet)

  • Watched the director's cut of The Counselor. Weird movie didn't make a lot of sense. Felt like a movie that had important bits cut out of it.
  • I enjoyed The Wind Rises a lot. Thought it was a fitting final movie for Miyazaki. Was taken aback by how much of a not-fantasy movie it was.
  • Granted I am a Marvel movie fanboy at times, but I loved Cap 2. Best movie of Phase 2 by far. Guardians has a tough task to follow it up.

Anyway, it is cool that the movie podcast is back. I always look forward to these. I am actually enjoying the whole movie podcast can drop at any point without warning thing going-on.

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I don't watch movies (last thing I saw in a theater was in 2009), but I'm always down for GB podcasts. I'll listen and enjoy. :)

Posted by oppai2

@rorie: not so sure. Even Alex said it has been ages. Stuff also seems to get lost a lot...

Posted by Rorie
Posted by hidden81

This podcast brings me joy.

Edited by tbk

@rorie: Hmm.. Amazon.com does have a few Ghibli blue-rays.

Posted by Humanity

About not going to see a movie because the director may be a shady individual - that strikes me as completely unfair to all the actors, crew, cinematographer etc that put a lot of really hard work into the film and then have people dismiss their efforts because when the director isn't working he's doing weird shit on the side.

I was always of the mind that the two things should be identified for what they are and kept separate. Would I go have dinner with Bryan Singer? Probably not. Would I see a movie that was directed by him? I'm not a HUGE fan but yah sure. I just don't think me going to see the movie is contributing to whatever unethical behavior he engages in as he'll do what he does regardless.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I think it's bullshit that people aren't going to see X-Men because of all that stuff, I thought it was innocent till proven guilty? Isn't that how it's meant to work?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I liked The Lone Ranger.

Edited by Tennmuerti

If you're interested in hearing my train of thought with the Hostel movies:

I really liked the first Hostel movie. Not the torture scenes themselves, but the movie overall was entertaining. It might even be one of my favorite "horror" movies, because what it does is deal with human horror, things that you can believe the reality of, rather then the supernatural horror or whatever. Man's potential for cruelty is nothing too far reaching. It also ups the stakes for the characters involved, heightens the tension and emotions. As well as making the retribution part more meaningful.

Sure it's no Seven or Oldboy, but considered purely as a horror flick I found it more interesting then 95% of the other samey stuff out there.

Now the second Hostel movie mind you I felt the violence only existed for the sake of violence and not in service of a point. At that point (ha) the whole thing falls apart and it's just gross and uninteresting, starting to edge into the "torture porn" territory just for the sake of it, if i might use the bad term.

It a similar dissonance of purpose and action in service of that purpose, why the second 300 movie just doesn't work at all, or the second Boondocks Saints fails.

Posted by oppai2

@rorie: Thanks a lot! I also would support an HER / True detective special (why not get Norm onboard for that!).

Her is interesting in that it fell apart for me after thinking about it too much. But it is a splendid movie to look at.

True detective was riveting. Even my wife liked it although it was rather violent. Would like to hear your thoughts on the last episode. It was clear that it couldn´t possibly be as good the preceding ones as it had to tie it all together somehow. It was a bit like a waking dream all in all. Probably my favourite show of all.

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