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Shirt off, lets go

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Top marks to who was ever on the soundboard for getting Greg Miller’s audio sounding like the demon from The Exorcist.

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Good stuff!

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You guys have ALL of the guests. ALL OF THEM!

Posted by TanookiSuit

Ohhhhhhh boy

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The demon...

Posted by nccows

Hahaha love how Greg Miller didn't even make it into the write up despite being in the image. Also, we have now had 3 different people named Greg on the Bombcast this E3; hope we can get even more. Let's shoot for five!

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"It's so colorful and tropical... I like to party." --Jeff Gerstmann, 2014

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This isn't showing up in iTunes Store for me. Anyone else?

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God damn! Topless Greg Miller?

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Now that is a pasty white body.

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For everyone who thought Jeff Cannata or Garnett Lee were uncomfortable or unhappy, here are their tweets in response to Patrick talking about doing the booking this year, and thanking their guests:

Jeff - "well, I hope I make the cut again next year. Had fun and really appreciate being included. :)"

Garnett - "was awesome. Felt like the time just evaporated. Like that hangin with good friends"

People need to stop over-analyzing. Not everyone is an oversized personality, but it doesn't mean they aren't enjoying themselves.

Posted by crazyleaves

Shit got real awkward there at the end.

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The McElroy brothers are NOT experts, and their advice should NEVER be followed.

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cant wait for E3 2015 when they all proceed to stick jars up their asses..

Posted by Kelsier

Please do whatever you can to get Jeff and Garnett on any and all Giant Bomb content. The overlap of Giant Bomb and Weekend Confirmed is a dream come true. Phenomenal show gents!

Posted by FakeKisser

This is the first time I've listened to a podcast in the browser. I never knew about the tape motif. Great touch. :)

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In Kansas we can acquire tortillas as easily as loaves of bread. Hispanic populations are everywhere, you're not special. : /