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"The Bald & The Beautiful"?

Must be a Cheapy D episode.

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Shhhhhhhhh, don't you remember that cheapy d can't be mentioned on this site.

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Hey nowwwwww! I like that bald bastard. Bababooey bababooey!

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Only great things can come from this podcast image.

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My favorite every other week....ly podcast returns!

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@billyok said:

@itachiitachi said:

CheapyD hated by those who like nuance, reason, humor or sophistication, liked by ????

Me and many others. If you don't like someone, fine (though hating someone for their sense of humor is ... weird), but why be a jerk and proclaim that no one else does either? Only makes you, not him, look bad. You could just avoid this page. I'm sure there's several other places on Giant Bomb devoted to the nuanced, sophisticated stories of dan peeing on Christmas presents.

I would say " You do realize that I never said that"no one likes cheapy"". But it is clear that that is not the case

There is also many faults in your logic.

1. You assume that me not liking cheapy means I like the bombcast.

While true in my case there are many cases where this will be false.

2. You assumed that my comments about nuance and sophistication where aimed at humor.

In order for that to be that case cheapy would need to have that quality to begin with. Rather my criticism is of his thoughts.

3. You equate vulgarity to a lack nuance.

Just because something is presented in a vulgar way doesn't mean it can't be nuanced. Note: When using the term sophistication I was using it in the complexity sense but the word is rather ambiguous so let's focus on the other term.

4. You assume that just because something at one point is one way that, that single instance representative of the entirety of that something.

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Shhhhhhhhh, don't you remember that cheapy d can't be mentioned on this site.

I really feel like I've missed something. Since the last 8-4 appearance, has CheapyD been filmed pushing multiple old ladies down stairs while consuming living puppies? Because I don't get all the vitriol in these first few comments. He's a dude who aggregates video game discounts. Not a war criminal, last time I checked.

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CheapyD rocks. I can't miss a Cagcast or a Bombcast.

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thats some nice music you have at the end there lol

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CAG died for me when the CAG-O-Matic was removed.

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I don't get the hate towards cheapyd I really enjoy his podcast.

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I was playing Diablo while listening to this and not paying attention to the time left. So much dawning horror when I realized they were going through ALL of the signs at the end

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Good show. Damn that ending though.

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Yay people mentioned Netrunner. I wonder how well he did at Worlds.

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So good!

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Great episode!

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Cheapy D sounds almost exactly like Tom Pinchuck. I'm confused as hell right now. Thanks for the podcast. I never miss an episode.

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@abara: It's even better in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6_VAiznSTc

Best dancing ever.

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I don't get the hate towards cheapyd I really enjoy his podcast.

His brand loyalty overrides his judgment. After the E3 and MS had to step back on their DRM Cheapy acted like it was ridiculous to be still be mad at MS, and his response to saying the wouldn't buy a x-box even without DRM because MS had shown their anti-consumer nature, was along the lines of "how can a company that makes products for consumers be anti-consumer? that makes no sense".

Despite him saying he doesn't hate nintendo when he reports something bad about them it's in a cheery tone. Cheapy acted like there was nothing of value on the wii, If you asked cheapy for advice on what wii game to buy you'd get something dismissive like "buy an xbox". I know many of the Giant bomb staff didn't care for the wii yet they would still be able to come up of a list of good games for it.

There is also the fact that he is often wrong he generally Ignores being called out on it, and when he does admit he is wrong it's in a condescending tone.

Basically he is someone that tends to have preconceived notions and is stubborn about them which leads to analysis that is short sited, one sided, generic and generally incorrect.

That's not even getting into the way he runs the show, his sense of humor ect...

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I cannot dislike that man or his site, been posting there since like 2003. Guy sometimes doesn't like what Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft is doing and talks about it on his podcast. Big fucking deal, get over it. Do wish he would be a tad more invovled on his own site outside of the podcast and background work (the podcast and the forums seem incredibly detached), but not a big deal.

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@kanerobot: If you listen to the latest CAG cast (13/11/14) he actually mentions this and that living in Japan he feels detached from the site as it is all US based. He feels that with his return to the USA he will be more involved.

I like the CAG cast and don't have an issue with any of the hosts. Maybe its because they are a bit older they don't appeal to a younger audience but they hit my age range and circumstances spot on i.e older with kids.

Anyway good 8-4 play podcast as always.

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Oh boy. The music at the end there... Well done JJ

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I know their technical understanding is limited, thats why they're iPhone users in the first place, but cheapy is wrong. Google does check for virus/malware. Its automated just like Apple. Reason why it takes longer on the app store is because Apple checks for other things like design guidelines and whether or not there's copyright infringement. Like if your game has Mario or something.