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TGS episode? I'm wit' it.

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Great thumbnail.

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Holy that thumbnail

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What a nice surprise.

Well, surprise in that I forgot today's the day for a new 8-4 Play ep.

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That thumbnail...


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Awesome Man-God guested episode! TGS really does deliver!

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hate polygon but love 8-4 and all the others so ill tune in

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Travis Touchdown?

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OMG what's that music at the start? I totally remember the song but not what it's from!

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I wish that thumbnail was a gif

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Great podcast

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Jitterbug confirmed for the FFXV soundtrack.

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@belegorm: It's the Xevious theme from the Super Xevious record they mention in the podcast. Here's a link http://youtu.be/sMhUfASCW4g

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I'm in Japan next month, so tempted to buy a 3DS although I'm sure it won't play.

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Mangod returns.