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Happy 100th podcast !

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100 episodes of awesome!

Congrats guys!

Regarding Mark's take on Dark Souls 2 feeling B team: I definitely feel that too. There were a few areas toward the middle that felt legitimately excellent, but I'm about to challenge the final boss and the majority of my experience has been pretty meh.

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yessss more 8-4! and congrats on 100 episodes guys!. cheers to 10000 more!

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Congrats on 100 episodes! One of the best podcasts on the internet!

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Congrats duders and duderette!

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I look forward to the next 100! :)

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Congrats on 100, Lady and Gentlemen!

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Congrats on the 100!

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What is it with the PAX enforcers rudeness? Aren't they are there to help and not bully? The Devs who take time out of their busy schedules pay a lot of money for booth space and travel to get to PAX and then have to put up with that crap? It seems from Jake's story and previous stories from other journos that this is a common theme.

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@puchiko: With something as big as PAX there will always be horror stories, but I get the impression that most people have been happy with how the enforcers have been acting, at least the last few years.

Really good episode btw!

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Happy 100th! May many more episodes come our way!