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brilliant title

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*Ctrl+f Destiny*

Oh thank god.

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Awwww yissss

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Just 3 more weeks to Xenoblade, just 3 more weeks. Every time they talk about it, I get more excited to play it.

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Thanks for reminding me that I need to watch that latest Nintendo Direct.

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In the entire history of the world, this was the first instance of 8-4 Play.

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That thumbnail is the greatest thing I've ever seen!

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That thumbnail is the greatest thing I've ever seen!

Totally agreed.

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That thumbnail is the greatest thing I've ever seen!


Time – Topic Discussed:

15:30 – John’s Retro Collection

38:00 – Fallout 4

47:45 – Xenoblade Chronicles X

52:33 – Hoshi no Dragon Quest

59:09 – Bloodborne Patch News

1:02:00 – Nintendo Badge Center

1:05:41 – Nintendo Direct Predictions

1:10:51 – Nintendo Direct

1:40:08 – Nintendo Mobile Games

1:42:55 – Indivisible

1:45:22 – News: Hatoful Boyfriend Plushies, To Love a Skeleton, Hatsune Mike Tour, Women Own Consoles, Game Awards, Xbox One BC

1:54:20 – Activision Blizzard – Restoring Games, Call of Movies, Buying King

1:57:06 – News: Helldivers on Steam, Chinese Contra, Phantom Limb Project, Bob Ross on Twitch, Swery’s Vacation

2:02:50 – Closing Comments

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nice another episode of 8-4Kids...

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Great episode. Beating the devil every two weeks.

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Great episode everyone!

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Mmmm, an episode where JJ gets to rag on a Bethesda game. No thanks. Time to unsubscribe from this podcast again. Maybe I'll be back when Monster Hunter X is out.

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Best 8 4 cast this year.

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@dedbeet: be careful; if you can't listen to people who have different opinions than you, you're going to seriously limit your quality of life.