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8-4 HYPE!

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Bloodborne hype!

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8-4 Hype Train!

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Aw yeah!

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RIP Konami video games.

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This is a pleasent surprise. time to watch

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Girl power mode!

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But do they talk about Bloodborne?

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I think I'm gonna need a Neko Atsume update as well.

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Regarding the payed mod talk: It wasn't so much that Bethesda gets a cut it was more that Bethesda got 45% of the cut while the modder only got 25% (and Valve the remaining 30%).

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The character design in Xenoblade Chronicles X is some of the worst I've seen in a non-indy game in ages.

That said, I'm still excited to play it when it comes out!

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Xenoblade Chronicles X sounds good so far. Those eyes are terrible though.

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I dunno man, some money better than no money

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When ever I hear about a wiiu and a plane all I can think of is Mr Klepeck

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Quoted for truth.

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E3 Hype train!!

I was in tears laughing while listening to this old episode


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That last Xenoblade Chronicles X direct showed off some full body armor with helmets that cover the faces. I'm back on board.

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This is the Xenoblade X 4koma they were talking about but I haven't seen any translations around though it's pretty self-explanatory.

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Sarah talking about Girls Mode was pretty damn funny. Keep on girlin' up this podcast, Sarah, you're doing great.