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Let's hear what's crack-a-lacking in Japan.

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Woo hoo!

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8-4 PLAY!

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Aw yeah, saving this for work tomorrow!

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Time for some 8-4 and picross on the 3DS!

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These music selections always crack me up.

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Perfect Strangers. Took me a while to dredge that one up!

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How many podcasts have you recorded balkay?

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whoa, when did we start getting spam advertisements in the comments section? bizarre

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+1 for smelly, old Asian ladies.

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That intro song...

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Another great episode!

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I knew HoloLens would be brought up, because it's 8-4 Play and they obsess about new hardware minutiae, like the circle pad pro 'Frankenstick', lol.

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Now we are so happy we do the dance of joy!

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Birth By Sleeeeeeeep

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Haha, man, that ending theme song. I assume it's from Fossil Fighters? I can't seem to find it on Youtube.

I always wonder who the musicians are that work on that kind of super earnest kid's cartoon theme song. Like, what was the career path of the vocalist who sang that song? And what other really ridiculous lyrics has he had to belt out to energize young kids?

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@bisonhero: I had a really tough time finding the song, even though it seemed extremely familiar. Even though I've never actually seen this trailer, so that seems impossible. I guess it's just a catchy tune.

Edit: Also, could this be hinting at their mysterious project S?

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@dr_mantas: Haha, thanks for that. I think it sounds familiar because it sounds like every 80s and early 90s Saturday morning cartoon intro.


Sometimes the world looks perfect....

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There really should be a Perfect Strangers game where the goal of each level is to kill Balki before he causes whatever havoc he was set to cause on said episode.

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That song is stuck in my head now.. I might have to watch this Perfect Strangers show.

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As a Tales superfan who has imported basically every game including the spin-offs over the years...

Zestiria fucking sucks. They absolutely dropped the ball on this one - it's mediocre in every way. I'm still enjoying it and will beat it, but I expect so much better from the series.