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TGS episode? I'm wit' it.

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Great thumbnail.

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Holy that thumbnail

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What a nice surprise.

Well, surprise in that I forgot today's the day for a new 8-4 Play ep.

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That thumbnail...


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Awesome Man-God guested episode! TGS really does deliver!

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hate polygon but love 8-4 and all the others so ill tune in

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Travis Touchdown?

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OMG what's that music at the start? I totally remember the song but not what it's from!

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I wish that thumbnail was a gif

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Great podcast

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Jitterbug confirmed for the FFXV soundtrack.

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@belegorm: It's the Xevious theme from the Super Xevious record they mention in the podcast. Here's a link http://youtu.be/sMhUfASCW4g

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I'm in Japan next month, so tempted to buy a 3DS although I'm sure it won't play.

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Mangod returns.

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2014 Most Best Podcast Cover Image of the Year

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Shane, please return to podcasting!

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Marc is usually a great host corraling the cast in but he really killed this one trying to rush them through talking about some of the big games. I get that they had guests but they should have capitalized on their position and delivered a good in depth TGS podcast on big games like MGSV and Bloodborne. Instead just got the same surface level impressions as everywhere else.

Also lines like "Japan clearly has the best artists" are hilarious when they spend other time tearing down Final Fantasy's art, one of Japan's show pieces as far as art goes.

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@shtinky said:

Shane, please return to podcasting!

I second this. I need the mangod to grace my ears again!

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This was a really fun podcast, and it's such a different style of conversation from the bombcast given how much more aware of actual mechanics these guys are. Not only that, but they actually sound like they know what they're talking about!

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Oh wow, Heartbreak Hotel.

Nice choice.