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Gunpoint's still a game I need to get. Maybe this will make me do it!

Thx Patrick.

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Been following Tom's writing on PC Gamer for years and I soon realised we had the same sensibilities when it comes to videogames. Those definitely shine through in Gunpoint.

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If Tom Francis doesn't win Most Charming Game Dev of 2013 I'm gonna flip my shit

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i hope this comes to psvtia

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Good job Scoops.

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I agree, Gunpoint is great

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Very inspiring. I'm someone who's also trying to get into videogame development on a blank slate of code knowledge; it's quite the hurdle, but the tools available today are infinitely more inviting than the tools a mere five years ago. I, too, thought it was an impossible feat until we started seeing tons of amazing games start to come out that were made by one man teams.

Following a guide book, I managed to get a 2D sprite mapped character to walk across the screen in Unity, and it was quite the revelatory moment for me. You almost feel like a god for a brief few moments. I'm working on building my own sprites, and once I can get those animated and moving, I feel like that will be the moment that inspires me to follow through all the way to the end on my own game idea.

Gunpoint is definitely on my list to buy, but there's like fifty other indie games that just came out that I need to get too; it's a great problem to have in this industry. The next steam sale will allow me to afford em all at least.

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I love Giant Bomb and everything the guys produce, but Patrick is seriously making the best content on the site these days. Great job, Scoops!

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Enjoyed the demo and greatly enjoyed this interview. Really cool to see the positives of where this industry is.

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Been following Tom for many years during his time at PC Gamer, so it was great to see him finally manage to follow through on his dream of putting this game out. If you guys want to hear his voice more, he's been running a Spelunky "Explorer's Club" on his website where he and others post their daily challenge runs, and he also appears on the Crate & Crowbar Podcast (a spin-off from PC Gamer UK, which shut down their podcast a couple of months ago). It's almost Bombcast-levels of entertaining.

Thanks again for the interview Scoops!

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the Giant Bomb is amazing..

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Love Tom Francis <3

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Loved this interview. Keep it up, Scoops!

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Great interview. I've messed about with Gamemaker a few times. Its a neat program, but I couldn't see myself using it for anything other than prototyping. If you make a game with it with any sort of customization, you may as well jump straight into the code yourself. Its great for getting started though. It is cool seeing people go all the way with their game dev. It is certainly a daunting process by yourself.