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Giant Bomb's collection of podcasts grows...

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Intro theme is fresh

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Awesome. I'll be playing it for the third time with the Special Edition.

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:Like the intro theme

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Loving these. Giantbomb keeps getting better!

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Sounds like a theme from Twin Peaks...

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I played Mark of the Ninja for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. Had a fantastic time with it, so really looking forward to this. Loving all the interview stuff happening at the moment. You guys are (still) awesome!

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I like those interviews and developers talk, however Patrick please stop jumping in when the person on the other side is explaining stuff, sometimes you just get carried away and you jump, start explaining stuff or your experience and it begins to look like the other guy is interviewing you.

But thumbs up! More of those please.

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Enjoying these recordings, long may they continue.

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What is this!? I am loading it onto my mp3 player for listening at work tomorrow. O_O

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P.S. Love the little snippets of "inside baseball" we get from these, like the bit at the end about getting a trailer together ready to go up on the site. Gives a cool little peek at how all the gears turn.

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Cool! Is this going to be added as an iTunes feed too @patrick?

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So I haven't listened to any of these dump trucks yet because I've already read all the articles associated with them. Can anyone whose seen both let me know if they're redundant or not?

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@hunter5024: As far as I've been able to tell, there isn't that much redundancy in the Dumptrucks, and what redundancy there is still feels fresh because you get the conversational context. Definitely worth a listen.

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Stoked for more content like this!

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Just want to thank you, Patrick, for these interviews!

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Good stuff guys. Any chance of putting this on iTunes so I can snag it on my phone more readily?

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This was great, I've really been enjoying these so far. Looking forward to the next one!

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These need to be on iTunes

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Good stuff, please make available on iTunes at your earliest convenience.

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Thank you so much for doing these, Patrick ! You rock :'D

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So glad Giant Bomb is expanding in this direction :)

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When I heard that music I thought this was gonna turn into a underground poetry slam.

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Good stuff Patrick.

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These are cool.

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Great new feature Patrick, good stuff! Keep it up.

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Using dumptruck in the name hmm.. not sure if the best thing. makes it seem like scraps :)

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lol thanks for this kleptok :D

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Great interview, Patrick. I'm about to pull the trigger on Steam and play Mark of the Ninja, so this was really enticing. I just need to get my laptop on the TV and a PS3 controller hooked up.

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Love these interviews, guys. Keep em coming.

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" I appreciate you thinking of me" - Patrick Klepek

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Really enjoying these interviews. Whatever gets more developer comments without the filter in the site I'm all for.