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The phone makes me sound like I have nasal congestion :(

Posted by TheVGamer

@patrickklepek: Great! I don't know how expensive it would be but something as simple as a drop box for audio recordings would alleviate a lot of the problems.

Posted by Carlos1408

"If only I could be so grossly incandescent." - Solaire of Astora \±/

Posted by gablekevin

awesome job Patrick im so glad you've been championing Dark Souls content for the site

Posted by Calmgamer


Awesome podcast. Souls + Giantbomb FTW.

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Its not on itunes yet.

sry it was, was looking at the wrong feed =)

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good job on editing these clips together, nice flow, and audio levels sound great for all those different sources, saw you were having trouble with that on twitter, guess you figured it out =p

some of these dudes just sound like ian calling in

Posted by ThatWasBrilliant

I really, really hate Dark Souls

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

spread the love boys

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Any women phone in? Maybe it only appeals to masochistic men like me

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@d_man_taylor said:

Anybody know the music track that @patrickklepek used in this?

Jeff just typed in "Dark Souls" to whatever music repository he's signed up for. This was the first match.

Thanks dude! I might just have to buy it!

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Well that is what i would have said about them if i left a message!

Posted by stillalive

I don't think I heard a single female voice in there. Unsurprising, but sad. I should have called in.

Here's what I would have said:

Ever since it came out, I was told not to play Dark Souls. Despite my interest and fascination with it, I was repeatedly told "it's not for me" "you won't like it" and "it's too hard for you". And I believed them. I put aside my desire to play it and convinced myself I wouldn't like it.

Then I saw Vinny Caravella play it.

More importantly, I saw how he played. He didn't play "perfectly" and he wasn't doing everything the way it was "supposed" to be done. Instead, he had fun and pushed through and said fuck the haters. And it inspired me to do the same.

I've finished it 3 times since November, including one NG+. I think it's the best game I've ever played and I'll never again let someone tell me that a game is "not for me".

Thank you, Vinny.

Posted by Mezmero

Eh I'm sort of lukewarm on the Souls games personally. I think they're decent but there are some things about the design that I just find sloppy. It's clearly a series made for people with more disposable time on their hands than me. I don't dislike the games I just feel they could be better. For that reason I'm actually fairly excited about Dark Souls 2 because it has a good chance at being genuinely awesome as long as they took away the right lessons from the previous games. Those games are 3D Castlevania done right.

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