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cool. super cool.

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It's the most wonderful time of the week!

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Happy Tues... tuesday?

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A Bombcast appears.

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It's here! I love how the instant its up the comments explode.

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Giant BOMB dot com small business owner. It's what YOU need.

Yay for new bombcast!

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Praise the sun!

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This is for small business owners only? Guess I'm out of here.

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Hell yeah that Bleach game kicks ass.

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That may be my favorite image they've used for the bombcast in a long time. It makes me think of the guys dressed up and cosplaying as various characters from Bleach.

Which Bleach character do you think best fits each of them?

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oh god bleach lol

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Birthday Podcast! (On east coast at least)

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The GREATEST Dark Souls

(If you hate yourself)

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I greatly enjoyed Bleach: Dark Souls

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That's a great podcast picture, I know that much.

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I like this image! Hopefully it is a sign of conversations to come in the episode

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can't wait to find out what's with the bleach

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I really hope they end up releasing a PS3 version of OlliOlli. We seriously need another skateboarding game...

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Dark Souls is now my favorite anime

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Hell yeah that Bleach game kicks ass.

This. Treasure's Bleach games are very readily enjoyable with or without an appreciation for the source material. Just damn solid fighters all around. I'll choose to interpret the use of that box art as a sign that it was high time the masses be reminded of their magnificence.

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Finally they're going to talk about the real Dark Souls.

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This is going to be a late night. And nothing is wrong with that! I look forward to listening to how, exactly, you bleach a soul.

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Dark Souls on Giant Bomb? Is it 2011?

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The Bombcast doesn't stop!

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im snowed in, this (and my 3ds) is just what i needed :-)

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Oh god, I actually own that Bleach game.

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the darkest souls

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Drew has really grown into his role recently, awesome stuff dude!

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whars dota 2 in dat description?

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That Bleach tho!!

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jay bombcast

also zero g kitty: http://vimeo.com/16245167

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Hmm I would play a Bleach "Souls" game. Replace the enemies with Hallows and make up some Bleach bullshit lore about how Shinigami have to "kindle". The setting would work.

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Awesome! Dark Souls + Bombcast = perfect late night listening material

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I think i could listen to a 3h bombcast of just ads.

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Water in 0 gravity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntQ7qGilqZE

Fish in 0 gravity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6npJwuiO8E