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Gotta save this for my flight on Thursday. Excited!

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I fucking love that @willsmith mispronounced executable in a different way this time right off the bat. Love you, dude.

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Guestcast is good and READY TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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You don't hafta sit in the nest for that long I don't think. It is kinda silly that it just expects you to know to hang around a little longer than before you get a little bored, but that's nothing compared to some of the maddeningly obscure shit that is in this game. Dark Souls has some Simon's Quest levels of ''HOW WOULD ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THAT'' sort of shit in there.

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Jeff saying the words "package" and "postage" go through my head several times a day now. Thank you. Also what's a pierogi COME ON WILL.

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Oh man a Vinny run Bomb Cast these are always nut's and awesome.

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I'm surprised Vinny was able to play Clash of Heroes. I had a really hard time discerning the colors in that one.

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This is the best Dadcast.

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GiantBomb is the place I go for all my hot wood! Thanks GiantBomb!

Welcome to Kerf.

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He didn't know what a bonobo was. He doesn't know how to pronounce common words (that I as a non-native speaker knew as a child). Will Smith is not a smart man.

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@regal: Hey, at least he loves his kids. He's still doing everything he can to get Jaden's career off the ground.

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Jesus, this podcast is edited really well. The way Vinny used that devils brew song to heighten that story patrick was telling was fantastic. Vinny should be in charge of all the technical aspects of the podcast, and this is proof of that.

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Dave + Vinny is still a fucking power combo

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Dave and Will? AWESOME! I really miss those guys. I wish they were on the podcast more often!

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i hardly ever say this, but man FUCK ea for what they did to dungeon keeper.

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@regal said:

@jjbsterling said:


He didn't know what a bonobo was. He doesn't know how to pronounce common words (that I as a non-native speaker knew as a child). Will Smith is not a smart man.

Can you build a pc blindfolded? Like, literally blindfolded?

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Please play more Pathfinder!!!!

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Added sounds are fine and all, but making it harder to hear Patrick just makes them annoying,

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i buy all my hot woods at McBeefs

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@regal: not knowing what bonobos are or how to pronounce certain words has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, just fyi

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"I can't help but notice you have your dick in your girlfriend" is now my new favorite Will Smith quote.

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What's on your bench?

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Just have to say, this was probably the most entertaining Bombcast in recent memory.

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Did... Did Will Smith just pronounce executable correctly?!

Oh man...

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Oh my god, the Radiolab/This American Life retelling of the EVE battle had me rolling so hard.

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This is brilliant, bring on the guests. :)

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Drakensang was a Dark Eye-Universe game ... Satinav is one of the gods in that universe, if I remember correctly he is the god of time or somehow connected to time.

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Oh man, I love when Vinny edits the Bombcast.

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Man, I'm sorry I have to rant here but Brad talking about being unable to reach the crow's nest in Dark Souls was painful. It aptly shows why we get tutorials and handholding BS up the ass in modern games. I'm really feeling a huge disconnect there since I found that thing pretty quickly on my own and had little trouble getting there (you see the stairs from the elevator, the platform you can jump to, it was pretty clear what you've got to do there for me). That said, I'm not surprised since Brad is often strangely unaware of his surroundings in games in general and he is also always quick to blame a game for his own mistakes or the inability to play it. It seems players like Brad can't navigate through games anymore unless there is some sort of breadcrum trail or obvious lighting to guide him.

Also, god forbid the path to a semi-secret (and completely optional) area is not laid out in overly obvious fashion.

Also @Vinny: It takes like 5 seconds for the crow to show up the first time. Not 30, and certainly not a minute.

Other than that, good show so far...

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DAVE!! Miss that dude.

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Oh man!

Will Smith and Dave??

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Bombcast player seems to be borked. Can't see time, graphical glitches with the "skip" line.

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Don't want to be a dick but GOD DAMN those edited music bytes got distracting during the EVE explanation. Like it wasn't difficult enough to understand EVE lol.

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Flip flops are fine as long as you are a smelly hobo.

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@cptbedlam: Ok before I start let me preface this by saying I'm not trying to be a jerk so I hope nothing I say come off as such. Now, I think you need to take a step back from your knowledge and skill at Dark Souls and stop comparing yourself to others. Why does it matter to you that Brad couldn't find the nest and you found it so easily?? You just sound like all the other Dark Souls elitists that comment on every article and video of DS to make sure the person in the video know they suck and they are dumb for not being as good as you. I have a newsflash for everyone that plays games. Its OK to be bad at them! Even your gripe with Vinny about the time till the Crow shows up. You just sound petty. I'm sorry the fine folks at Giant Bomb will never be as awesome in Dark Souls as you. Also Just because you don't like "tutorials and handholding BS" doesn't mean everyone feels the same. Quite frankly you are in the minority. DS sales compared to the top games in its generation do not even come close. So as much as I love the souls games I don't act like we dictate the direction of gaming. Things like tutorial aren't a taboo thing.You don't want them in your games fine but don't think that this is the best way to deal with all games. So all I'm saying is don't be so quick to trash your fellow gamers lack of skill or even awareness in games. Everyone doesn't need to be great and that's OK with me.

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"I can't help but notice you have your dick in your girlfriend" is now my new favorite Will Smith quote.

I love that song. So sensual.

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Whoops. I clicked "moderate" and my post was removed. Am I a secret moderator now?

Anyways, I liked the editing on this episode. And Pierogies are delicious.

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The author of Masters of Doom did a similar book for the GTA series called Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto. It's pretty much tells the entire history of GTA and Rockstar, and how Jack Thompson basically went nuts trying to stop them. It's pretty damn fascinating, although I don't think it's as good as Masters of Doom.

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Always great when Vinny's hosting.

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No disrespect to Jeff but Vinny needs to be put in charge of the bombcast permanently, its always top notch.

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You are right Brad, i can totally picture people having sex to Ween..ARE YOU CRAZY MAN?!

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@jamrockzx7r: I knew that someone would write this exact reply ("Dark Souls elitist" etc.). I don't consider myself a particularly good player or anything; especially in this case where the only difference between me and Brad was that I was aware of my surroundings in the game. I'm also just sick of the constant overexaggeration of Dark Soul's obtusiveness. I've heard so many false claims about this game, it's just not funny anymore. Shit like "the game doesn't explain anything" when in fact most of it's mechanics and stats screened are explained. Apparently the "press select for help" button is too hard to see for some; just an example. And Vinny's false "it takes a minute for the crow to show up" claim plays right into that. Furthermore, there are secrets and lots of optional content in this game and for some reason, particularly videogame press members get riled up when the game doesn't spell out that stuff clearly for them. It's okay to miss secret content. That doesn't mean the game is "up its own ass." What it comes down to is that some people just aren't paying attention when playing games and want the content spoonfed to them. Their gamer brains apparently became so used to the handholding and the content tourism in modern games, they are totally lost when a game suddently doesn't do that anymore and it's a shame.

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dude why are you so good at your job, that editing man, those transitions... just what. that harmonica at the end, so good.

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i missed dave, good to hear you

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Early Wednesday morning Tuesday!