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I wonder whether the Oculus VR news will be covered. Just have to listen :)

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@logan3: Probably not until next week!


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Terrible listener emails you say? Go on...

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@logan3: This was recorded yesterday, so probably not.

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Yay, Bombcast!

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Aw yiss.

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Time to groove to the smooth tones of The Giant Bomb while clicking on demons and loot (2.0).

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Infamous collect-a-thon time!

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The video game industry moves so fast this podcast is already outdated!

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If Brad is talking about Infamous SS they should dub the sounds of vigorous masturbation into his possible sploosh-fest, I know he loves the franchise. :)

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I was kinda hoping that they would add Oculus Facebook talk or put out a mini reaction thing. I think they've done that before when something big has happened after they recorded the bombcast.

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I'm getting spoiled; I was wondering why it hadn't been uploaded yet.

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hhhhhheeeeelllllllllsss yyyyeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

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It's a shame this was probably recorded before the Oculus news hit considering it JUST happened. Oh well. Next week. For now: BOMBCAST!!

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@luciddreams117: They more or less always record on Mondays, so that's a safe assumption.

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Small businessman!

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The disturbing e-mail saga continues!

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Hey Small Businessman!

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They should have done a live recording of the Oculus/Facebook discussion and then bolt it into the bombcast.

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Tuesday Extreme!

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Just in time. A podcast to reap some souls to.

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Yeah, I really wished they'd stop feeding into the beefs that have arisen in the emails. It was funny at first but now has just gotten really frustrating

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Is this the next chapter in the shit bandit saga?

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The recent quality of e-mails... should they improve?

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I'm here for the listener mail.

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They should have done a live recording of the Oculus/Facebook discussion and then bolt it into the bombcast.

Cut it up into 5 second sound bites and put them at random points throughout the podcast!

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@monkeystick: more like Raus to

always rausin', motherfuckers

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Aw yeeeeee

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You mean to tell me I was in the same city as Drew this pat week?!

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@jeff@brad Regarding Snake/ Big boss coversation.

They directly interacted in the epilogue of Metal Gear Solid IV after the big reveal at the end of the 3rd act that the corpse that everyone thought was Big Boss' was in fact Solidous instead of Big Boss.

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I'm kinda surprised that Jeff used such strong language about the Ground Zeroes stuff. Calling it sick and disgusting, or something along those lines, I don't remember exactly. I'd have pegged him as someone that isn't phased by anything like that, but I'm known to be wrong.

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As someone who finished infamous 2 a week ago, lol they're so off on what happened.

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Kojima said he wanted to take a dark nasty route with GZ and TPP and he's taking that route. If the writing of them to mean that he's a crazy weirdo freak and those are his fantasies, that speaks more about the person who thinks that than him.. And what's so messed up about that thing about that blew up? Plenty of cases of that happening here in reality, it's just that it's been hard to re-assemble things and figure out where it detonated. For having such a violence and war loving reputation there's been a lot of pussified stuff coming out around GZ from the US, meanwhile Europe treats it like the dark nasty fictional content it is, even the treehuggers we have in my country, without taking it personally.

As for Quiet this is her background: [spoiler]she gets raped, loses her voice due to the trauma, wows to end the ones who did it and the ones like them, all while wearing the clothes she wore during the act[/spoiler]. Welcome to the real world. This happens. If you don't like the idea of a character like that, scratch The Phantom Pain from your purchasing plans. The rest of us will enjoy a game that has a mature rating because it has mature content, a game taking its place next to books films tvseries that have had dark nasty content forever.

e: wrote this manually from the phone that refused to be able to click format tag buttons so consider this a request to make spoiler tags and such be able to tag manually in text like I did there. Shit.

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I don't get what @jeff was talking about with regards to Paz and it being disgusting. It was supposed to be disgusting. It made me feel dirty and sad and upset and that's how you are supposed to feel. It's a reality of war and something that has real life precedence as far as the torture and potential raping stuff goes.

I don't understand how people want gaming as a genre to mature, but can't handle it when more serious stories are told. It's not like Kojima handled the stuff comically or without a serious tone and he defintely didn't throw that information in your face...I mean the stuff is implied in the main game, but the more in depth stuff is only found through audio logs. I don't really understand how he could have been more subtle.

If you felt upset, and grossed out and disgusting by the end of it, then Kojima was successful, because there is really nothing else he would have wanted people to feel.

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Hmm, I still think Infamous 2 is the best game in the series. Opinions, yo.

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What the fuck is going on with all this beef man.

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Dammit, just call the two sets of available consoles "new gen" and "old gen."

Because they're both "current gen."

(And the next gen is only "next gen" until it comes out. Then it's no longer next, it's just new.)

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I can't stop laughing about the "stand wipers".