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For some reason even though this has parenthesis my podcast app doggcatcher will download it this time? Weird, since last week's episode still fails to download.

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This witty Jeff/Vinny banner is what I'm going to miss so much. Sad, just sad :(

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Keep in mind a lot of people didn't care for Assassin's Creed 1, but AC2 is widely accepted as fantastic.

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It is as if the small businessman was never there...

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@spitznock: Game took alot of risks for its time. I enjoyed it but like most older games it probably won't hold up well.

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@brad It's all about the VRAM usage in Watch Dogs. I play with a GTX 770 2gb gpu. And in the texture settings it will tell you that you need 2gb for high and 3gb for Ultra. I have it on High, so that should work well with my gpu. GPU-Z tells me that I am using all the VRAM I have. The issue is that Watch Dogs doesn't buffer this correctly. I have a good framerate most of the time, then sometimes it slows down to singe digit fps for a couple of seconds due to overloading the VRAM. I have everything else sett to the highest setting, because nothing I have done to the options lower the VRAM usage even though it should. Which lead me to believe that it's an issue with the game overloading the VRAM no matter what you do.

I do feel like I am lucky though. This happens so rarely in my case that the game is totally enjoyable. Since I didn't play Saint's Row 4 or GTA 5 yet, it's quite fun to be back in a open world like those again, and boy is it nice looking.

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How do I auto download the premium version of this podcast on my podcast app on the iphone?