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The bra talk was really insightful. Weekly segment? Breaking Bras?

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terminator 3 better than 1... what? Who is this joker, I used to respect you Dan.

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The way Jeff describes the mission structure in Destiny sounds surprisingly like Phantasy Star Online to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing for me.

Also, I thought poop transplants were a pretty well-known thing. I'm especially surprised that Brad didn't know about that.

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I enjoy inspecting other people's gear.

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I'm pro-well done steaks. Like em burned.

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It's like wizard came from the moon line and delivery and audio files from the alpha were placeholders from an old build of the game, who'da thunk!

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Dan, WTF did you say about Terminator movies?! CRAZY!

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The boyhood dream has come true for Brad Shoemaker!

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I love Dan and I think he's a fantastic addition to the crew.... However, I sometimes wonder how he's alive. It seems some of the decisions he's made in life would have killed him along the way. I'm specifically thinking of the eggshells and stuff.

*EDIT* Thinking about it some more, I come to realize that it's probably because he's been in cryo-sleep since he was born and birthed directly into Giant Bomb, thus explaining why his response to everything is "I've never seen/tasted/had that" :D

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Snowpiercer is a great movie.

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Absolutely amazing show, from everyone involved. Thanks guys!

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I'm still baffled by people who say Dota is so hard to get into. It's a tower defense game. Get out there and hit creeps, use your abilities, and try not to die. Yes it's deep and will take hundreds of hours to be good and thousands to master. So what? You can still play on day one. If flaming bothers you, you can A, get over it - it's not a big deal, or B, mute them. Once you get hooked, and if it's your type of game you'll get hooked sooner than you think, then the learning curve becomes nothing because you're having fun learning and you're actually glad there's so much more to know.

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I remember when people were worried that Dan's too similar to Jeff because they both like wrestling.

Yoshi and Terminator movie opinions are one thing, but five years of seeing him at GI made me super excited to see what other dumb arguments will inevitably occur.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Brad, not Insurrection.

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The descriptions of the episodes are always a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the story around the "Dan Rycert doesn't know how to cook" description.

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Terminator 1 is the fucking best movie T2 is not great

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Brad is such an amazing host for this. Glad he's taken over doing it now and not just when Jeff isn't there.

Would love to see Brad try hosting some live video stuff too and see how that goes.

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What is Dan's problem with people who enjoy lore?

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oh baby

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Oh gosh, Dan is Marcie from Peanuts.

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That egg white story was truly a life changing experience.

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Bradcast is bestcast.

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@tactis said:

Fuck yeah!!!! Brad hosting for life!


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OK. After hearing the egg shell and transformers things, I think crew should run Voight-Kampff -test on him.

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@daze said:

Every week we learn something odd about Dan and it's great.

Every week we learn a lot of odd things about Dan. It seems like one of these weeks we'll learn the odd thing that is the crux and center from which all of those other odd things emanate.

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Brad: "Who the fuck are you!?"


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@aegon said:

Dan and the egg white story...what the...how does Dan exist...as a person? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?


Wow, that's stupid. It's like PeterMolydeux but written by someone who doesn't grasp the concept of humor or is in any way an interesting person.

I love this comment because it's written by Joe Juba at Game Informer and he's a big dumb idiot.

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Also, hell yeah Drew, the Carousel of Progress is fucking awesome. And Disney World beats the shit out of Disney Land.

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We did it, you guys. #teambrad

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I feel that Brad hosting brings out the best in Brad and Jeff. Dan is Tom Hanks in "Big".

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Brad ascends to his rightful place as mellifluous master of ceremonies.

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Also F-Zero GX is amazing!

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Having been a little perplexed by the Snowpiercer praise for a while now, i'm glad to see i'm not the only one that thinks its just plain ridiculous, in parts at least.

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Look, I'm sorry to leave 3 comments on this podcast but when Dan said Super Mario Sunshine is better than Mario 64, I nearly leapt from my desk and started screaming at my phone. ALSO WHO THE FUCK SAYS ERNEST OVER PEE WEE GODFUCKINGDAMNIT

And Ghostbusters is so much better than TMNT, it's not even a comparison.

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I propose that the future hiring process for GB include a question about the order of which Terminator movie is the best. If someone says T3 is better than T1 then the interview should end immediately and they interviewee should be dumped through a trap door in the floor.

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Brad! Congrats on the hosting gig, you always do such an awesome job.

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Also, Dan you live in a strange world, Tom Hanks from Big is a good metaphor. Glad you're a duder now. Insanity and all.

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I don't understand anything about DOTA. Therefore I think it's dumb.

Find it funny that the for as long as the guys have been ingrained in gaming culture, they still hold to the stereotype of certain gamers being sweaty, unwashed, under-socialized nerds. Mind you I believe that description holds to 99 percent of DOTA players, but I haven't been ingrained in gaming culture for years, etc.

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I think I just liked Dan when he was my wrestling talking guy.

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First on Unprof. Friday Dan claims to have never seen even one episode of Star Trek (which is just hard to believe, or he has been actively avoiding it). And now claiming Terminator 3 being better than 1... is he still in his trail period? :o)

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@danryckert should know Spring St has the best bingo out of the 3, hands down. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR CARDS!

at least I didn't....Nordeast represent!

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I literally shouted "OOOHHHHHHHHHH!" when Dan said Mario Sunshine is better than Mario 64, in part because of the reaction that would 'cause from the other guys in the room(they didn't disappoint) but also 'cause I kind of love it that he so often just comes out of left field with some of his feelings on games that it's really refreshing to hear on here, even if I think he's wrong haha.

Also "Be the bomb you throw." should be on the next t-shirt. Also, please keep "bombcast" instead of "podcast" in the e-mail address for the e-mails.

Edit: This Bombcast would have bee so awesome in video from just to see the guys react to Dan haha.

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That NDX tease...

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I like Brad as host. Not that Jeff was bad or anything, I just feel like Jeff is much looser and entertaining as a guest than when he had to carry host duties.

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YEAA! All hail king Brad! Remember, Brad, I had your back since the beginning. Oh, and that shit Iron Galaxy said about nobody wanting to buy Brad pin-things is bullshit! They never asked me! Fuck them!

Oh, wait. this is not some kind of mutiny against Jeff? Oh, shit. My bad. Jeff is the bomb. Jeff is The Giant Bomb! Never mind... Just please give me my Bombcast fix.

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Brad Shoemaker? More like POOMAKER!

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Terminator 2 is absolutely the best Terminator but if you're saying T3 is better than T1 you're just speaking crazy.