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You guys should have the ad segments here and remove them from the normal one. They're great.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

Just played some FF10-HD, and I'm with Jeff: fuck blitzball. I think I might have used the hide-behind-the-goal trick.

Posted by winsol

Blitzball is the greatest of all the fake sports!

Posted by RonGalaxy

Really wish the podcast player had a resume feature like the video player. I can't count how many times I've accidentally closed the window the podcast is in and have to scrub through the podcast to find where I was.

Posted by metalliccookies

Cool podcast as always :D only weird point is I was able to listen to the premium version without being logged in :/

Posted by ZEROprime

What's the difference between the premium and the vanilla podcast?

I swear -- I subscribe, but I have no idea how to use this site or what it's for. I just love the podcast and videos so much.

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You guys ever notice how often Brad says "like"?
It's a lot. We're talking teenage girl a lot. Just an observation.

Posted by Hassun

Delicious Bombcast.

Posted by brandondryrock

@zeroprime: The premium podcasts don't have ads. The free podcast has some quirky ads at the beginning and sometimes in the middle of episodes. This site is for people who love video games! It has one of, if not the largest, database of everything related to video games. I think the subscription is worth it just for the premium videos, but I also like supporting everyone at the site.

Posted by kingschiebi

Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Endurance Run - I love you guys!
If possible, let us be in on the action via live chat.

Also, Drew you have to try Elite: Dangerous with an Oculus.
It is amazingly good.

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Oh man if Dan and Drew played through MGS 1-4 THAT'D BE THE BEST!!!!

Posted by OnlyKris

You guys ever notice how often Brad says "like"?

It's a lot. We're talking teenage girl a lot. Just an observation.

Ummm, like, can you not? My girlfriend Bradetta is a strong, independent woman, and she can like totally say whatever she frickin wants, okay? Like, oh my god, just chill.

Posted by ibfreeekout

@kingschiebi: Yeah if the MGS run happens, I'm so watching that. Quite possibly my favorite franchise ever, hands down.