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Posted by TimeWaffle

Yay bomcastic

Posted by SpecialBuddy


Posted by Agent_Lost

ah yes, let the madness begin

Posted by Mr_Bauer


Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Bombcast time!

*tuning in*

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Yes been waiting on this for a while,thanks!

Posted by JoshA

It's 11pm  EST and my day just began

Posted by GUnitVer1

Loving the Diddy pic for this week's Bombcast

Posted by Thordain

Been waitin for this.

Posted by ThomasP

Holy Bombtime Batman!

Posted by Jotun

This is why Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.

Posted by FCKSNAP

Wait, no Brad? :(

Posted by DualReaver


Posted by Mars_Cleric

1:20pm on a Wednesday...
Lecture was cancelled...
Bombcast time...

Posted by OdoLives

Thanks for releasing the show during regular schedule and saving me from politics!
Show's been really really fun since the beginning. 

Posted by Jackel2072

Hell yeah Bombcast time! thank you boys!

Posted by SomeGuy890

This should be good.

Posted by youstolemykill

Yay Giant Bomb

Posted by Milkman

What you guys said about Too Human is EXACTLY what I wrote in my blog.

Posted by oddWord

Does anyone else think Too Human has alot of ear piercing high treble sounds? It hurts. They need to remove all the triangle synth sounds in the menu cause it make me want to stay the hell out of it, screw the skills and equipment.

Posted by SamChamploo
Capcom better have Street Fighter 3 character in Street Fighter 4, if not, Capcom has fuck up Street Fighter 4
Posted by Skullking

i wonder when they do their actual recording, i made a question and left my name and everything, sent it in on Sunday after work, loved the show btw

Posted by Discorsi

what is up with the the last few seconds lol

Posted by Milkman

Creepy stuff after the 3 minutes of silence at the end.

Posted by zhinse

So did any of you listen until the end where vinny was doing that .. scatting thing?

Posted by The_Joker

Easter Egg at the Very Very Very end. Notice how the Bcast doesn't stop... listen to it all the way through. I lulz'd.

Posted by HenryHSH

Vinny what was that at the end? White lines? What?!

Oh and I'm a moderator on PS3T.org and we only add the games that we know all the trophies for. Blitz's only known trophy is from a screenshot. We have reported a bunch of upcoming games to support trophies though.

Posted by MrKlorox

You can't say "People's" on air, yet "Fuck" flies?

Anyway it's apparant the flow is interrupted when Brad left, proving he is an integral part of the foursome.

Music for each segment (plus a few stock samples for, er... "internal boners" such as an, uh... digital rimshot) would be an awesome addition for an attentive soundman.

Also, the lack of confirmation whether or not the much hyped PAX panel will be taped appears to me to be an allusion that such a video will appear due to the announcement that there will be new site features announced at said panel.

Posted by White
"I am a ghost... Taking viagra..."
Posted by Kontrapunkt

Yay cobra? ish?

Posted by Southgrove

Yep, it's the Squig herder, guys. =) Warhammers take on the hunter class ehhe

Posted by dQuarters

I laughed a shit-load this episode. And Vinny made my poo a little at the end. I TOTALLY wasn't paying attention at that point.

And what if what you said in this bombcast is ALSO in Dyak's master plan? ... I'm skerd.
Posted by SM2099

Don't you guys get it? DYACK IS ONE OF THE PATRIOTS!! We have to break away from The System.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

The BombCast makes my Wednesday so much more enjoyable. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

They go from criticizing the security issues, then dismissing them...  the sarcasm is too thick to comprehend the message.

Posted by UnreliableNarrator

I'm Sargent Colt. This is Sargent Luger. These are our wallets.

Posted by VoidPresence

oh man, i just started listening to this past show (not my first, by any means)...but i just had to comment, the opening music for aug26th...AWESOME funky...hell yeah

Posted by FLStyle

Great podcast, good luck with PAX.

Every time I see that for one reason or another the podcast has finished even when the counter is still going I always listen to see if there's any hidden goodness, you didn't disappoint!

Posted by VoidPresence

have to agree with Jeff 100%... "telephones are dead," damn str8

Posted by wrecks

Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang
Diggedy dang di-dang diggedy dang di-dang

(Freeze! Rock! Freeze! Rock! Freeze! Rock! Freeze! Rock!)


Posted by Axion

Dyack should have sinisterly machinated a better game.

Posted by Vash108

On the topic of the Marketplace I think if they merged GameTap on it would be pretty successful.

Posted by Alphazero

Too Human is like Doritos... You know in your heart they're bad for you, and you shouldn't eat them, but heck if you can stop before the bag is empty.

And, if you're Jeff, you eat the next bag for points.

I've only just beat the first level, but I'm digging it. Issues for sure, but I like it. I'd really like to see Jeff's list of things that would improve the sequel.

Posted by reich_joyce

Seriously what the hell guys, I spent the last two months avoiding spoilers about MGS4 and BAM out of nowhere you just spoil the shit out of it. Not cool at all.

Posted by Dandy

thank you for reading my email, I am sure I won't regret my purchase.

Posted by GalvanizedNails

what the heck were Vinny and Jeff doing at the very very end of the podcast?

Posted by UnsungHero
Posted by Lies

Stinger at the end. Catch it for like 10 seconds of Vinny being weird.

Posted by MetalRocker

Wow, I can't remember the last time I heard Ron Paul's name.

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