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Good timing! I was about to go on a walk!

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Why did the Bombcast have to drop during Spookin?! Oh well, I'll just listen tomorrow!

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Taco Kentucky Hut. THE BEST

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Well since you used that image....

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Dan's awful stories?! God yes I live for this shit!

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Spookin' with Scoops at the same time as Castin' with Brad? Ahhh the decisions.

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Can't wait to hear one of those amazing stories, that only THE Dan Ryckert has experienced.

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Its not Wedsday, I cant spell wedsday. What the fuck

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@chumm: das racist is criminally under rated. Shit down/shut up man are 10/10

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the combination made my eyes bleed

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Fire in the disco! Fire in the Taco Bell!

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That bell is right in Colonel Sanders' ear, he's going to get hearing loss if he's not careful.

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@kenpachiramasama: Seconded. If you haven't already, their solo stuff is worth checking out too.

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Wish I didn't buy grocerys today, who needs food I wan't premium!

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It's that time of the week folks : )

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@tildebees: Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough.

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I have to throw in my personal favorite version of that Das Racist song.

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Drew slept through an earthquake. The Hicks of the Giant Bombcast.

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Ah the Pepsi-co... A pep pizza topped with Nachos Bellgrande, various sauces, and deboned extra crispy chicken. Additional KFC sides optional.They are just missing A&W. But I've never seen the Holy Grail containing all four establishments. Sadly these combo places don't usually have the full individual menus.

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It's TUESDAYY!!!!!!!

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I dont even need to know what this podcast is about. I see that Bell/KFC/Hut sign and I know I'm in for some quality shit.

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Giant Quakecast! I live in New Zealand and we get a tonne here. I've been told that the doorway thing has been debunked and you're better off jumping under a desk or a table.

Earthquakes are fun, except when people die.

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I think Drew Emergency Broadcast Mode is gonna be my new ringtone :D :D i almost died when i heard him

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I was going to have chicken wings while listening. This is DESTINY.

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The Hit stick is the Defensive move, and the Truck stick is offensive

the hit stick started in madden 05, and truck stick was madden 06. ask me anything about madden

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I thought losing Vinny was a big blow to the Bombcast, but Dan has made it even better!

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I didn't know Dan was such a big anime fan.

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God, I really hope the 3 hour podcast is a normal thing like it has been lately

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I forgot today was Tuesday. Living on a plot of land in the middle of nowhere tending to my crops. Sometimes you can go days at a time without realizing what day it actually is.

Going to sub to the site. So much content for subscribers only that looks really good.

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New Woot is called - MEH (unless Brad gets to it).

I managed to get 2 BoCs back in the day. Nothing that was good. Fit the name. :)

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Warcraft lore trumps Metal Gear lore ten fold.

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@gnomeonfire: fantasy shit is like totally made up tho. Metal gear is REAL!

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"I'm on the top floor, on a mattress...if the building collapses, I'll just surf it to the bottom". Dan is a fucking genius. You cannot write this stuff. I love everything about this man.

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Seems like everyone is getting on the flash sale bandwagon, and I couldn't be happier.

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I have, in fact, listened and watched all sorts of Giant Bomb content while wearing no clothes. Who's with me here?

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@luck702 said:

I have, in fact, listened and watched all sorts of Giant Bomb content while wearing no clothes. Who's with me here?

I'm not not with you.

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Drew, you should buy Forza.

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Brad, quit pervin' out on Drew's APMs.

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Could we just get a whole special podcast where Dan tells tales of his blissful ignorance, that would be the best.

Also they gave the go ahead to go naked for the premium event,

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Of course drew would have a monthly budget...

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@luck702 said:

I have, in fact, listened and watched all sorts of Giant Bomb content while wearing no clothes. Who's with me here?

Hear hear, if you cant be naked in private, doing whatever you do, were can you?