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wow wasn't expecting one again so soon

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Oh, this is a very, very nice surprise.

You guys make Japan seem like the greatest gaming paradise on Earth.

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oh look it's touhou

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Hmm, not much games talk, but obviously understandable. I'm not really interested in the Akihabara talk, because I want to keep it fresh in my head when I go there myself with my sister! XD

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that intro is horribly painful on the ears

get rid of  it >:(

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someday, oh yes, someday I WILL visit Japan


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The toilet seat discussion is probably one of the funniest discussions I've ever listen to. Also, I'm loving hearing about all these quarks about Japan; I hope we get to hear about more quarks once TGS starts.

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two.....bombcasts.....in a row........YES!!!!!!!!!

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got to love daily pod casts keep up the good work

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This podcast was hilarious.

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You can find tons of those capsule machines in Chinatown, San Francisco. It's $1 and they mostly carry Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing, Hello Kitty, and Winnie the Pooh toys.

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Jesus, I just finished listening to the first TGS Podcast!

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The promised land.

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I tend to like travelogues, but man, this was flat out fascinating. Makes me want to get myself a nice Street Fighter IV cabinet.

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Vinny's mike is really quiet.

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Awesome, thanks for getting one out so soon again, guys.

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The whole podcast needs to be louder. It wouldn't be a problem with my speakers since i can just crank those up, but my headphones don't have much headroom for such adjustments. Just wanted to put that out there, and now back to more of it.

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the tape based one was probly the hv30 thats my camcorder man!

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Holy crap, two podcast and its not even day one of the event yet.

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Interresting talk on airsoft. Airsofters in the US tend to lean towards the Military simulation aspect of the hobby, google OP: Irene or Battlesim for good examples of this.  

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great podcast! sounds like a lot of fun running around Tokyo. I need to go there someday

Can't wait to see what TGS has in store tomorrow

$500 toilet seats lol

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Woah how does Jeff know about Bruce Drennen and his cheap sound effects bottle opener that says his catch frase "I love ya Cleveland" that he plays every time theres a new caller on the line?  How are you getting Sports Time Ohio in Sausalito, CA Jeff?

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FATE is an amazing game, love it. The show ain't bad either. And I love the idea of importing the toilets, luckily I won't have to much expendable cash after this season....

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Not sure if you guys have seen this, but speaking of train stations in Japan... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk2R_mqV4ts&NR=1

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You guys are making our week. Keep it up!!! Can't wait to hear about the shit you see when TGS actually STARTS!!!

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LOL Maximum Carnage was behind glass and over 900 dollars.

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Dreaming about eating

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LOL wednsday the 10th?! I guess it is a different year in Japan because here in america its wednsday the 8th!

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Have a great time in Japan and keep the news flowing form the land of the rising sun!!!!

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Nice full two hour bombcast.  I've just gained a +2 in Japanese electronic subculture.

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At any point in the capsule floor of the shop did any of you guys think: "Maybe I should get an'other"

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hey guys,

listening to the recent japan podcast - and was wondering how easy it was to get your point across/order stuff with the whole english/japanese barrier. im planning a trip out to ye old tokyo early next year and want to roam wild in the streets of akihabra - but also want to know how easy it is to make me way in the world today (takes everything you got).

oh and met yall at PAX (friend of mine helps put on the shin dig) - and plan on posting that comment jeff and ryan gave me for the site which went something like ... me: say something for my games site jeff: hey, whats up? me: you cant say that - that could be anybody saying that ryan: you can say that i said .. no... i totally saw him say that me: yeah that works. 
Carlos (of Game Candy)

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"Wash it motherfucker!" -Vinny


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The whole age-inappropriate sexualizing thing in Japan is getting way out of hand.  It's been around for decades, but in recent years it's just exploded, so much that alot of it is getting around to the West and it's causing some legal issues.  Most of that shit is questionably legal here, where there it's just part of the culture.

Moe is the glamorization of "young innocent beauty" in girls, while Shota is the same for boys.  It ranges from simple images of them in an everyday situation, to panty shots of them stumbling, to full-on pornography.  Their excuse is that it is a drawing and not a real child so anything goes.  Somehow that doesn't make me feel any less disgusted.

As for airsoft, it plateaued years ago and is all but dead.  The technology has stagnated because of safety issues and cost, combined with the Asian market making clones that are just about as good, and you see only the die-hards left collecting them.  Jeff, if you're really interested in them, check out the classic stuff from the late 80s to early 90s.  They used Co2 and were built so well that you could turn up the pressure to some serious FPS.

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Im going to get my sorry ass over to Tokyos Akihabara district - Instead of piddling around talking about it thanks to you guys. Enjoy TGS 08
Im always hankering after the next Giant Bombcast.

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Hearing Jeff talk about Two Dogs brought back memories. They used to sell Two Dogs Lemon Brew when I lived in Georgia and it was my drink of choice back in 1996.
Once I moved back to Oregon there was one store that sold it and a few years later it all went Mikes Hard Lemonade.
Loved Two Dogs, I wish they still sold it here in the states.

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Hey guys,

Listening to the giant bombcast (10-08-2008), I heard Brad saying that at USD 900 Maximum Carnage for MegaDrive was the most expensive game he's ever seen, but I've been living in Japan for a while now, and the most expensive game I have ever seen (in Akihabara) was a limited edition of Rockman 2 (Megaman 2) for the Famicom at over JPY 550000 (well over USD 5000) in 2004. 

As it turns out, as with other Rockman games in the series the bosses were made by japanese fans, people submitted their entries and the 8 winners (the 8 main bosses) received a special edition Rockman 2 cartridge (it had a different color that I can't remember), therefore there are only 8 of these cartridge in the world. And apparently someone sold it to one of those second hand game shops in Akihabara.

There you have it, the most expensive game ever.

Hope you enjoyed your stay here in Japan,
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best podcast ever
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Oh cool! This bombcast has Subterranean Animisim on the picture. I can even tell that the footage is from Stage 3.

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Oh Japan is so ... Japanese. I have to go there at least once.