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Posted by GoranP

its up! awesome :D

Posted by Milkman


Posted by Sgt_T1bbs

bombcast! my hitting of the refresh button for the past twenty minutes has finally paid off!! excellent!!!

Posted by Daveyo520

I hate living on the east coast when waiting fo the bombcast.

Posted by fresh2deafbill


Posted by JazzyNYC

Fuck! I'm not first.

Posted by MarcusFenix117

Finally! haha i too have been refreshing my page, but ive been doing it since 10 PM eastern! haha almost 3 hours. but its worth it. keep it up guys!

Posted by JJOR64

Nice, it's up!

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Brads father and give aways! What could be better?

Posted by JazzyNYC

What about Midway VS DC Universe?

Posted by wrecks

1st bombcast streaming thru NXE! dope.

Posted by GUnitVer1

Okay, the whole podcast should be talkbox style.

Posted by Junpei

The first thing I thought of when Jeff pulled out the vocoder and Ryan mentioned making music was Midnight Brown's cover of "Kiss One More Time"...... fantastic.

Posted by svcheats1

NUTS n' Bolts.
Nuts n' BOLTS.
FUNK Rock!

Posted by Synister_Gamer

No Banjo review up yet, will have to look up the website and see if it's up before I head to school tomorrow.

Great episode guys, now I'm conflicted with Left 4 Dead!

Posted by Orakulum

Hey dudes. Great bombcast. Just wanted to let you know, you can build your own talkbox. Its real easy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EIQxwotn3k

Posted by CleverLoginName

Way to kill the conversation Brad, lol.

Posted by FlappyHands

Robot voice!

Posted by randomspiritlover

I wonder if wrestling games could learn a thing or two from rhythm games?  There is, dare I say, a "musicality" to the flow of a wrestling match.  For example, if being brutally walloped felt comparable to playing a slow section in a song, rather than feeling like a painfully one-sided fighting game round, it might become a bit more interesting.

I'd love to see a wrestling game that invited the player to "design" the structure of a match, with the objective being to create dynamic, surprising experiences.  It'd be difficult to quantitatively evaluate something like that, but it'd be fascinating to see a game that emphasized impressing the audience instead of victory in the traditional sense.

Okay, take the clunky song creation tool from Guitar Hero: World Tour and graft it onto a wrestling game.  Instead of songs, you create matches and moves with it, with the gameplay tasking players to respond with certain movements when cued.  In the same way that wrestlers have to co-operate to perform risky maneuvers without killing each other, make fulfilling these key match moments some kind of collaborative effort. 

Damn, this idea is evolving as I describe it.  Okay, okay: incorporate a "gym" mode of some sort, which allows players to shape and practice fantastic wrestling sequences to wow the audience.  Reproducing them successfully in real matches is the goal, with the threat to success being injury and incredulity.  Perhaps I'm just replacing momentum meters with injury and believability meters, but dude... believability meters!  This game seems completely impossible to make, awesome.

Posted by KaB3

"Brad's Dad". LOL.

Posted by Gorlith

I love how burnout still comes up every few bombcasts.

Posted by Moeez

98% of Ryan's criticisms of Mirror's Edge can be discounted, but I won't waste an essay here on defending how you're never lost and the guide button is always CONSISTENT and that you can avoid 90% of combat scenarios entirely. 

Edited by Death_Burnout

Aww damn Jeff read out my damn comment from last weeks podcast...now i feel like an ass

Posted by TheHBK

best moment of this
Brad:  Have you guys seen these pictures floating around on the internet of dinosaurs getting it on with automobiles?
jeff, vinny, ryan:  ....

Posted by futbol_dude10

another good episode

Posted by samcotts

Best Bombcast yet.

Posted by Parsnip

Gentlemen gentlemen, Blue Dragon isn't Square Enix. :P

Posted by PapaLazarou


Half-Life for 98c Giant Bomb :D

Pick  it up guys a do a special for it's 10th birthday :D

Posted by Mousse_gallon

They sounded alittle like Soundwave from transfomers

Edited by Aaox
On second thoughts... Don't answer that.
Posted by LaSpaceTuna
Posted by Wright

it's awesomeness almost killed my ipod XD when it ended it went to the apple logo for a minute then the screen flickered and fixed it lol. Was a good edition of DA BOMBCAST!

Posted by Karmann


Posted by Scooter

idk whats more fun, drunk listening.. or sober listening.. either way, it still spells KICK ASS

Posted by MadThad0890


Posted by Muffin_Hunter

banana hammock :)

Posted by Aeon

Regarding the L4D Discussion:


Posted by HeLives

This bombcast was hilarious.  Character made of blood shooting baby-morphing ribs?  Beautiful!  I really enjoyed the show and I hope that shirts are still around on payday so I can get SSJ Vinny. 

J-Gerst, admit it.  You love Dragonball Z!

Posted by Dpower94

Maybe it's just me, but i swear i heard something about _____:World at War when _______ wasn't Call of Duty lol. Somethin like cooking mama: world at war. Anyone else catch this?

PS, when fast forwarding through this on my ipod, i could only hear bits, and somewhere along there i heard "when we were" "ohhhhh"

Edited by Cubical

Brad... Those are large dragons having sex with cars not dinosaurs..........and I know the artist who did it he has way stranger stuff than that if you only knew.....If you want to see stranger stuff than that ask.. I doubt you do though.

He (AKA John Martello) has done real paper comic books seriously I will let you people guess what is in them...and yes I have seen the artist say they was Dragons.

Posted by Dpower94

Ahh, just got it. Ryan mentioned Animal Crossing: World At War. Was that intentional? If not, is that game in stores now? I wanna see Nazi Zombie Tom Nook get blown apart by my dog strike that i ordered from Savannah the girrafe.

Posted by FinalBoss

Sick BombCast as alway's

Jeff's Robot voice was pretty funny

Posted by Media_Master
Posted by Abomstar

Brad, that was some absolutely brutal awkward silence to be subjected to, but you saved face well. Best Bombcast in a while, overall.

Posted by tevic

Great show ! try to get some rest one day or the other :)

Posted by tevic

Hey I'm from Belgium too !

Posted by floodiastus

nice show, any chance we will be able to buy shirts with other ratings? I would love to buy a Ryan Davis 2-3 star :D

Posted by Ventilator

Holy crap I want one of those robot-voice-making things

Posted by oobs

how about a podcast with some special guests..like former editors and that kind of thing..or a lich king podcast with andy and dave...dave was very good on that podcast he did

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