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I love you Bro

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I love everything about Broforce apart from playing it... It just gets boring really fast - which is such a shame for me to say because I love the characters and the idea and the development team stories - but the moment to moment is kind of bad. This is a great Interview Patrick and I look forward to continuing to follow the game. I guess I hope there is more gameplay in the '1.0' version and it's not just the same with unlocking more characters. I guess I've only ever played it co-op once and the rest of the time was single-player so maybe I need to find more bros to bro with or something??

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I'm not so sure about the comma in the title of this recording.

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Can't wait for another update.

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Somehow I have put 39 hours into Broforce. Can't stop playing the same levels online over and over again. Too much fun!

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It is really rare to find married couples whom work together. It's so cool! Thank you so very much for the interview Patrick. I look forward to seeing how Broforce continues to develop.

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Good to see South Africa bringing and getting some love.


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This is a cool story, uhh... brother.

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Another brotastic interview!

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I worked with my wife for a couple years when we were dating. Would not do that again.

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Man, that was a great dumptruck.