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Best thumb ever. Wait for it...

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Going off of the conversation of a lot of Japanese companies doing a lot of different things, doesn't Sony sell Health Insurance in Japan?

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Rob Handlery for next cast - we wont notice the change.

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Fookin Prawns

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Hey Pastor! Pastor Maldonado!

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My favourite recent Suzuka memory is Kamui's first podium, in 2012:


The noise was incredible, I'll never forget it. :)

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The best podcast to come out on a Tuesday!

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Best thumb ever. Wait for it...

Turning the podcast pictures into "Where's F1" is something I can wholly support.

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Damn this is longer than the time left for Metal Gear Scanlon.

It will have to wait until after Drew's Final Confrontation.

@dannyodwyer You better get in there at the end after you're done with the Lobby to sing the end theme!

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So, I keep trying to get this on Pocket Casts on my phone (android), but whenever I use the xml for the premium podcast steam, all it has is stuff from like last year and older. Anyone have any tips? I really want to listen to these but I really only listen to podcasts on my phone/in the car.

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Yes f1 cast

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you need to add the following URL to your subscribed feeds

Obviously replacing your premium info in there. I found this in this thread and have been using it for a few weeks.


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to be honest i listen to this not for F1 but for random tangents Dan and Drew go on from time to time.

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@zim: I didn't know that you needed to add your login info to the url, but that did the trick. Thanks for the tip!

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I first discovered Formula 1 from getting the N64 game F1 World Grand Prix. My neighbor and I played that a ton. Didn't realize it was a real racing series till after playing it for a bit. This is a real thing I can watch on TV, oh man! Anyone else have that experience?

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I haven't listened to an episode since the very first one because I very rarely follow F1, but the thumbnail of Wikus made me press play.

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@mattnaut: IndyCar Racing on MS-DOS got me "into" Formula 1 when I was 5 or something.

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Ya! Survivorman! Les Stroud got dropped into the wilderness with no food SO HE ATE BEAR GRYLLS.

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