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Best thumb ever. Wait for it...

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Going off of the conversation of a lot of Japanese companies doing a lot of different things, doesn't Sony sell Health Insurance in Japan?

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Rob Handlery for next cast - we wont notice the change.

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Fookin Prawns

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Hey Pastor! Pastor Maldonado!

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My favourite recent Suzuka memory is Kamui's first podium, in 2012:


The noise was incredible, I'll never forget it. :)

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The best podcast to come out on a Tuesday!

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Best thumb ever. Wait for it...

Turning the podcast pictures into "Where's F1" is something I can wholly support.

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Damn this is longer than the time left for Metal Gear Scanlon.

It will have to wait until after Drew's Final Confrontation.

@drewbert "Sumimasen" will be the most used word you say in Japan. Bar none.

Baseball is "yakyū / [ya-kyuu]" by the way.

Japan has a long tradition of very diversified companies and conglomerates, those were the "zaibatsu" in the past and are the "keiretsu" nowadays.


Maybe you could invite another guest to talk about F1 with in Drew's absence?

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So, I keep trying to get this on Pocket Casts on my phone (android), but whenever I use the xml for the premium podcast steam, all it has is stuff from like last year and older. Anyone have any tips? I really want to listen to these but I really only listen to podcasts on my phone/in the car.

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Yes F1 cast!

Edit: there has been a South African Grand Prix, two different circuits was used and the last race was held in 1993.

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you need to add the following URL to your subscribed feeds

Obviously replacing your premium info in there. I found this in this thread and have been using it for a few weeks.


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to be honest i listen to this not for F1 but for random tangents Dan and Drew go on from time to time.

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@zim: I didn't know that you needed to add your login info to the url, but that did the trick. Thanks for the tip!

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I first discovered Formula 1 from getting the N64 game F1 World Grand Prix. My neighbor and I played that a ton. Didn't realize it was a real racing series till after playing it for a bit. This is a real thing I can watch on TV, oh man! Anyone else have that experience?

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I haven't listened to an episode since the very first one because I very rarely follow F1, but the thumbnail of Wikus made me press play.

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@mattnaut: IndyCar Racing on MS-DOS got me "into" Formula 1 when I was 5 or something.

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Ya! Survivorman! Les Stroud got dropped into the wilderness with no food SO HE ATE BEAR GRYLLS.

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Edit: All kinds of life tips in this podcast.

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Used to be a South African GP way back when. Some noises about bringing it back but I wouldn't put money on it.

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I want to hear Drew's Polish.

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I almost missed the RACING....podcast.

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Oh hey, it's Kruger. If he wasn't activated, I'm assuming Drew was again.

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Basically every medium sized Japanese company (Konami, Sega etc) makes a large portion of their money in pachinko parlors. Which are incredibly loud and scummy and also use one of the loopholes in the Japanese legal system to make their form of gambling legal.

Please try get Alt+F1 foreign correspondent, Dave Lang on next week.

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Because of this podcast I have gotten a better relationship with my father in law. He loves F1 and I have never really cared, but hey, now I do! I guess I just wanted to say thank you ;D

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Nico's dad eh? Here's a morbid song about a guy who got a new car and wanted to drive like Keijo but crashed and got himself into a wheelchair.

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Clearly the answer to Drew's absence will be Danny taking the podcast into the Lang Zone.

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@dannyodwyer Here's the Bombcast moment where Jeff and Ryan realize what Phoenix Down is.

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in Jurassic Park the dinosaurs all had frog DNA and were all females. Apparently some kinds of frog can change their gender when in a single-sex environment. So some of the dinos changed gender and were able to reproduce.

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In addition to those saying there has been a South African GP, it was where Tom Pryce had his accident

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Speaking of falling asleep/relaxing and F1, why not have a little of both?

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Woo, Suzuka weekend is awesome! We'll miss you Drew but I'm looking forward to the bumper 2 race episode when you get back.

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Hey @drewbert, if you seriously wanna bring @dannyodwyer a sexy anime body pillow, I recommend you go to the second floor of the K-BOOKS in Akihabara, and pick the third aisle from the elevator or stairs (not the escalator, which is located elsewhere). That's the aisle for pillow covers and bed sheets. Most of them have nudity as they feature characters from hentai games, and you can get them for as low as 1000 yen (9 dollars). The label needs to say 抱き枕 (dakimakura, hug pillow) and not シーツ (shiitsu, sheet).

The K-BOOKS is located in front of the Super Potato, in the Akiba Culture Zone building. Good luck!

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I could be wrong, but I think 130R gets its name from having a 130 metre radius.

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You can never have enough Simpsons references.

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Gameboy Micros are CRAZY EXPENSIVE. I bought one a few weeks ago off Ebay for around $70 with shipping. For fun times, play on a Micro and then switch to the Vita. It's incredibly jarring.

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As Littleg says its named after the radius which they do quite a lot in Japanese circuits.

Also Suzuka is owned by Honda and Fuji is owned by Toyota

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Wait, @drewbert wasn't a fat kid? I feel lied to! That's what people have been implying for ages!

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Man, never expected to see an Animatrix reference in Alt-F1.