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Posted by pjh898

Killing it Spooks, although I watched the trailer and it didn't do anything for me I will be giving this a listen.

Posted by Atwa

Best dumptruck so far.

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I can't even touch the lamest horror games, but I really do enjoy hearing the developpers talk about how they make them scary.

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Dumptruck, for me, use to be just some extra content from GB to listen to in between podcasts/videos. Now it actually has become something I take incredible interest in.

Like said in the first by @pjh898, you are killing it Patrick. Well done.

Posted by Elwoodan

I'm super jumpy and have never finished a horror game, but I swear to god I'm beating Soma. the concepts they are talking about seem too interesting to miss.

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I would really like a company like this to tackle a Co-op horror game without any weapons, I wonder if that would bring the tension back into it since games that have tried, like Dead Space and Resident Evil, made it feel just so action packed it wasn't scary at all.

Posted by Sydlanel

I much dig the concept of SOMA, and that the Game is coming to PC / PS4 (although 2015 makes me sad).

But..... as much as I was digging the live action teasers, that gameplay trailer seemed to go in directions far more generic than I hoped ...just starting from the H.R.Giger / Lovecraftean imagery, as well as the grey / brown rather uninspired environments.

We are currently in concept stages of making our very own survival horror game, and amnesia was one of our most important inspirations. BUT in defense of cut-scenes, in any visual medium, the framing of the object is a vital aspect of the complete presentation. In that sense, for example I managed to defuse most of the tension in amnesia by simply RUNNING everywhere. When I allow the observer to frame the object, I risk losing the message ( he himself recognizes that the game should be played properly in a certain way). So although I understand that its important to allow player agency as much as possible, you have to consider what you NEED for a certain scene ( ideally, justified by the narrative as well ) like the locker section in amnesia which could possibly be handled just as effectively by an in game cut-scene. Sometimes you want to make the player feel incapable of doing anything else, that is actually a valid way of transmitting helplessness which could very well be part of your theme.
After all, something that is almost unique to our human species is that we sapiens sapiens, we know that we know, and we understand the relativity of experience, the idea of someone else going through situations we are not controlling, but still being able to feel them thoroughly through empathy. Which isn't a "less valuable" way to experience, even if it seems to be frowned upon in videogames. So I don't really think that giving player control is always the best option.
IE, for silent hill 2, maybe it would be cool to be able to look through the bars in first person, but I don't think I'd like to be given that option, I really believe it would necessarily add to the atmosphere, and in fact if you screwed the scene, it would make it look even more ridiculous. You are terrified you are stuck, and you aren't necessarily James Sunderland, you are just surviving with him, that feeling is part of that section. Although it is important to consider that this also relates more to the complete structure of the game which is never in the first person.

I suppose in the end it depends on your purpose, just has to be done in a way that doesn't clash with the engagement with the game.

All said, the exploration that they are promising, -cogito ergo sum- as such, it's ambitious and most interesting. I hope they can deliver that, and extend it to the aesthetic dimension of the universe.
Looking forward to it.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Oh man, do I love horror. What I love more is space horror.

What's the age old (movie) saying, "In space, no one can hear you scream."

SOMA is so far away, what a shame.

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A very good listen. Thomas has some really interesting insight about horror. It's going to be a looong wait until 2015.