mikeydct's Pokémon FireRed (Game Boy Advance) review

Great remake of the game that started it all

Pokemon Fire red and leafy green is basically an improved version of the first Pokemon games for the Gameboy (red and blue version). You start off as a new comer in the world of Pokemon and you go see professor Oak to pick out your 1st Pokemon like in most of the Pokemon games. You can choose three different type of Pokemon; grass, fire or water. Then you are off to battle eight gym leader and lots of Pokemon trainers on the way. In between this you battle, capture and train Pokemon. There are 150 in Pokemon you can have and after you beat the elite eight then you can start trading Pokemon from the other Gameboy advance and Gamecube Pokemon games. There are hours and hours of trade, raising and battling in the game and with friends. The graphs are great with this game. Ever Pokemon move has its own look and sound to it. All the Pokemon just the same as in the cartoon. The music adds to the game mood. In music changes every town, enter a town the music fades out and the music that does with that town and the music matches out really well with the look and feel of the place you are at. If you never have played a Pokemon game Fire red and Leafy green are the best games to start with. They give you all you need to know. These two versions are a most have for all Pokemon fan out there.


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    Gameplay and Mechanics: 4The overworld consists of many towns in each town there is ussually a Pokemon Center(where you can heal your pokemon) a Pokemart(where you can buy items), and a Gym. Besides completeing your pokedex, beating the gymleaders in each gym is your main objective. Gyms are places where you battle trainers who use one pokemon type which you defeat to battle the Gym leader. By defeating the gym leader you can obtain badges which get you into the pokemon league. Along with gym le...

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