Legit Shiny Pichu/Event Pichu?

#1 Posted by mubblegum (250 posts) -

Does anyone have one? I've been looking for a shiny Pichu for a while to no avail, I'd love one for my team. I don't have much to offer for trade, I have a shiny Slowpoke that I was given from someone. Thanks.

#2 Posted by Duckbutter (412 posts) -

Pichus are for little girls and pedophiles. No one is gonna have one here. Try a Collectible store.

#3 Posted by Axelpor (1 posts) -

something have a groudon?

#4 Edited by StrainedEyes (1335 posts) -

I have an event Spiky-eared Pichu, if you want that.

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