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153948 Tgrills Concept Overview 01/13/15 06:32PM 28 Approved
121092 ContrarianKing Concept Overview 07/12/14 04:11AM 1 Approved
66329 CrusaderEsper Concept Overview Added all of the URLs to the last of the individual Pokémon links which were approved today. Of note, though, the Bergmite page somehow is missing the image that was submitted with it. I added it to the page in the uploaded image, but have no idea if I can even append a title image to it beyond the create new page stage. 11/01/13 03:44PM 5 Approved
65808 CrusaderEsper Concept Overview Correcting formatting errors on Poison and Ice. 10/29/13 11:15AM 1 Approved
65401 CrusaderEsper Concept Overview Added links to all Pokémon from X and Y with pages already on the wiki. 10/26/13 11:51AM 2 Approved
64904 CrusaderEsper Concept Overview Full Sixth Generation Pokemon list added and sorted. Links to individual Pokemon pages forthcoming. 10/23/13 11:09AM 40 Approved
63613 CrusaderEsper Concept Overview Added several of the new Pokemon from X/Y and updated Dex no.s (Will sort after adding the rest) 10/16/13 02:00PM 30 Approved
63609 CrusaderEsper Concept Overview Updating number of types to 18. 10/16/13 01:32PM 5 Approved
58054 Wess Concept Overview Added types to Xerneas and Tveltal 09/19/13 06:13AM 1 Approved
57648 bobafettjm Concept Overview 09/17/13 11:15AM 3 Approved
57415 Wess Concept Overview Added more links to Gen 6 Pokemon, and specifics for the new Fairy type. 09/16/13 05:32AM 47 Approved
52716 Wess Concept Overview Linked to pages for new Pokemon 08/27/13 05:12AM 1 Approved
51728 Wess Concept Overview More Sixth Generation Pokemon 08/22/13 11:02AM 36 Approved
1908 Veilor Concept Overview 02/14/13 09:20AM 2 Approved
874 spiritfox Concept Overview 02/12/13 11:01PM 1 Approved

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