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My heart goes out to all of his family and friends. He was a great person and he'll always be missed.

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Growing up with my SNES and Genesis I had often wondered why I needed more than one console to play games. Why couldn't all games be made on one system or just every system? Growing up I would learn that's not always feasible and in some cases can be detrimental to the development of a game especially when there are such drastic differences in hardware architecture. However going forward based on what little we know currently about the upcoming consoles it seems like there aren't so many differences anymore.

Companies favor similar architectures and aspects like x86, USB, Blu-Rays, etc. More and more I see the lines of what makes each console so different beginning to blur and I'm once again pondering the question, why CAN'T I play this game that was intended for one device on another brand of device? Why can't we plug our 360 controllers into a PS3? Why can't we put our PS4 Blu-Rays into an Xbox One Blu-Ray drive? Why can't we take any of these accessories and games and just use them on a PC?

The obvious answer of course is that it would drastically effect the profits of those who make said devices, accessories, and games. But if you ignore that for now and simply look the technical side of things the lines of exclusivity don't seem relevant anymore. Granted I'm commenting on hardware we don't know all the details about yet with the PS4 and Xbox One but if we are to assume that both use Blu-Ray, USB, and x86 architecture then what's the point of keeping things so segregated?

Many people who play PC games have a computer that could be drastically different from their buddy next door. Yet if the hardware of their machines is similar enough they could both play the same game on their PC's regardless if one guy favors nVidia and the other favors ATI. In some cases, the operating system wouldn't even matter if one guy uses Linux and the other uses Windows. Granted I'm generalizing a bit but all I'm saying is, I think maybe it's time console and video game makers stop worrying about exclusivity and focus more on simply trying to create a product that people want to use. Try to create brand loyalty by proving your hardware is more competitive than the other guy who's basically making the same thing. And for the consumer, give us more choices on what we can play our games on. Don't just make a game that play on one box and one box alone, let us choose what box we want to play that on!

Let us play Halo on our PS4s, let us use a Dual Shock on our Xbox One's, let us use that Killzone blu-ray on our PC's. I know a lot of this is wishful thinking, but I don't think it's wrong to expect more choice and more convenience that could make gaming as a whole more accessible.


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@truthtellah: I can totally understand that. But I guess the big sticking points for me are things that, aren't so reliant on how well servers hold up such as, how they treat used games and they like. But yeah I get a lot of E3 is fluff, but I just wish there was less fluff and more fact. Such as pricing, release date, online requirements, DRM, things along those lines.

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@truthtellah: I have a feeling your response is spot on to the outcome I'm predicting. Which really sucks because, if you want to sell people on these consoles, be up front and show some transparency. But the reason you don't do that I suspect is because you know it will turn people off and may very well be a deal breaker.

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There's been a lot of talk and rumors about the PS4 and and Xbox One since the respective announcements of each console. My problem though is there hasn't been any confirmation or clarification which is what I desperately want most of all out of these two. I don't want to hear any more rumors, I want to know what's fact and what's official.

Which brings me to my question as suggested by the title, do you guys think these two companies will finally give consumers the much needed clarification on what these two consoles entail about their policies, functionality, online requirements, and the like?

I'm just really sick and tired of companies like Sony and Microsoft making such a big show of nothing and being totally mum about what's really important. Things that could very well make or break the deal on buying these new consoles. I always find it's a crumby excuse when they say "Even we don't know the answer to that yet". I'm sorry but if you're going to be putting these things into full scale production and sale before the end of this year, shouldn't you have figured all the important stuff out by now?

I'll admit, maybe it's foolish to expect any kind of clarification out of E3. An event that's basically been made into one giant commercial. But honestly, this is a big event, they're drawing as much attention to themselves as possible, wanting us to pay attention to every stupid word they say in the hopes of getting some relevant information about their product, give us some answers!

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Just to make sure, no this is not me trying to get you all to buy my stuff and point you to where my stuff is being sold at. I haven't even posted anything online yet which is why I'm here asking this simple question.

So I'm looking to unload a lot of stuff from my video game collection primarily PS2, 360, even a handful of original Xbox games. Times kinda suck, I could use the cash, and I'd rather see these go to someone who'd probably get more mileage out of these since all they're doing is sitting on a shelf. Some are more used than others but I have kept cases and manuals for each game that I have them with. Each one of my games work perfectly well as I've taken care of them best I can but I am curious where would be a better place to sell my games online, Amazon or Ebay?

Or perhaps some of you folks know of a third solution that you'd use to sell off games instead? All I know is there's bound to be someone who's looking to take a lot of these off my hands.


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Great work Alex. Ebert has and always will have my utmost respect.

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UPDATE: Problem solved

Turns out I'm just an idiot! You see I also have my PC hooked up to my 42 inch Vizio TV via HDMI which I have plugged into my second video card. Turns out I was still extending the Displays as I was playing and didn't realize it which probably caused the issue I was having. Once I realized this I changed my settings to display only on my primary monitor and Huzzah! It didn't crash! So yeah I'm good now. Sorry for the trouble folks.

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As the title suggest, I've been running the game perfectly fine at the "Normal" preset in the graphics options. However when I meet Elizabeth and I get to the scene when you see her open a tear for the first time, the game locks up and crashes sending me back to the desktop.

Here are my current desktop PC specs

Windows 7 64 bit

AMD Phenom II 956 Processor 3.40 gig Quad Core

4 gig RAM

Two GeForce GT 240 video cards with latest drivers

Anyone have any advice or suggestions to keep this from happening? It always happens in this same exact scene in the game and I never encountered any issues before this point.

Any help would be appreciated.

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stop watching justified....

Never watched it.

It means stop playing ZombieU.

Never played it.

@fourwude said:

Dead Rising mixed with Borderlands.

Stop playing those games. And then the maniacal hillbillies and zombie attraction will go away.

Haven't played Dead Rising in a good long while but I have been grinding Borderlands.

I'll get a little analytical here.

The dream seems to be about empowerment of yourself to overcome some struggle or adversity. Could be your subconscious dealing with relationship issues, trouble at work or school. Some peers are jerks. That sort of thing.

I'll admit I have been feeling pressure not just from my job but from the pressure of also trying to find a new job. Which has been more difficult than I thought unfortunately.

Yeah haven't had any more dreams like this lately thank goodness. But sometimes I do wonder if my subconscious just wanted to screw with me.