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It amazes me that you don't realize that GG is the entity seeking to end the politicization of video games. I mean, that's one of their main goals. They are sick of video games being shit on and called sexist because the reviewer has a political axe to grind, and a liberal fanbase to cater to.

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Patrick, you need to get fired. You're the reason games journalism is laughed at for days.

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Yes it is. Patrick has done nothing but give this game publicity. This strategy has worked for thousands of years. The people who want to "create awareness" just want to argue. That's it.

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The only place sexism comes from is the marketing. Once you realize that a woman in a bikini is not sexist, I cannot think of a single overtly sexist video game character outside of japan in the last 4 years. The industry is full of wonderful female characters. The only place the sexism comes from is the marketing, which has always been true. Right now I could go on and on about a plethora of well written female video game characters and it would get ignored, because when people say "THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY IS SEXIST" it seems true(because it used to be true ten years ago) and people take it as fact.

We are past this point. We dealt with this shit years ago. We had the discussion, and we amended ourselves. Do sexist things still happen? Yes, but we'll never live in a world where that isn't true. The point is that they are few and far between. I can think of maybe 4 or 5 sexist events that have happened in the games industry in the last 4 years, most of those having to do with marketing and not actual games.

Just think about video games. Think about them. Try to find the sexism in them. I cannot.

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Patrick, you are the least objective journalist in the world. It's baffling how you can think this was smart to post. I am convinced you like controversy, think yourself a savior of gaming or you are getting paid by Deep Silver to promote their game.

Every article you write is steeped in bias, some sort of vigilantism and typos. You are bringing down this site. I try not to hate you but you make it so difficult.

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So, you've only picked people who agree with you, in varying degrees? Do you understand how transparently shitty this is?

Come on, patrick. You have to understand what you're doing.