Films/Franchises that Travellers Tales could create for Lego

They've done Star Wars so why not Star Trek. Lots of alien races, ships, weapons, planets and more.

On the same theme, Babylon 5. Same reasons as above.

Transformers. Another good one. The scope for character developement could be a big hitter.

An adult version of Lego could be the Evil Dead trilogy. Bruce Campbell in Lego form would be interesting. Other characters might prove problematic.

Blade. Vampires. Lots of scope for customisation.

Or, Underworld. Vampires, humans, werewolves and hybrids. You could probably squeeze a couple more mystical creatures in for good measure.

TT could take it back a bit. In history I mean. Something along the lines of Clash of The Titans. Ok, the films weren't great but the characters could help to create something worthwile.

Don't know if this was in the States but Thunderbirds created by Gerry Anderson. Characters, special vehicles. Could be tied in with Captain Scarlett and Stingray.

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